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well, today was a pretty bad degu day...i picked up another male to keep my current one company... they got along fine at first, but then something happened and they started fighting... and then i got them home and let them go free in my room and my degu to mate with the other male? the new degu was, needless to say, a but upset. i tried to pick him up, and he bit...hard. something the previous owner said has never happened... but then the both climbed back into the cage, sniffed each other, my degu continued to be very confused, and then it just degu ran out limping...there wasn't blood or anything, and he used it to eat, but i'm not sure what, or how it happened... my main question is: is all hope lost? i spoke to a specialist and she told me to introduce them in a neutral area, but they both went into the cage and there was nothing i could do! i tried to grab my degu but they started fighting... my cage is very large, and theres no real way i can seperate it... what do i do?? help!
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When I got a younger friend for my degu (they are girls) they got along fine right when they met, but that is an odd case, it usually doesn't work that way. How old is the male you picked up? Is he younger than your degu? I would most definitely find an alternate cage to keep the new one in and sit the cages side by side so they can sniff each other through the bars. Put a dust bath in with your degu and let him roll in it and pee in it or whatever then put it with the new one and do the same. Swap bedding between them. Do whatever you can to get the original degu and the new one used to each others scent and eventually share a scent. Introduce them in a neutral area ( a tub?) If they start to fight and its just alot of pushing and making really loud squeals and chatters, let it go. They are establishing who is dominant. If there is little noise and they are actually biting and fighting, try to seperate them by putting a towel over one and picking it up so it doesnt bite. Keep them seperate, continue to swap the dust bath and bedding, and try again in a few days or so. If after a while it doesn't work, it will never work out. Some degus just can't get along. Good luck!
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Oh, as far as the mounting goes, my girls do that. I think it has to do with scent marking or displaying dominance. I thought I had made a mistake at first, and got a boy by accident, but they are both girls and they do that too.
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I have 2 girls and one mounts the other from time to time to show the other who is boss. There always has to be a number one in the cage....the original male will probably be trying to display this. But from what I've heard, it's a big problem trying to get 2 males together and like eachother. Putting them together in a neutral area first I think is key. Good luck.
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dust bath, males together

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