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Hi All,

Because I am in a panic after this calling sound earlier today...
can anyone tell me the problems associated with inbreeding in Degus, just incase this was a breeding call... they are all from the same litter.. suppost to be all brothers.. so if they have mated what are the complications of this ?

I dont want to chase them around the cage to catch them in order to sex them as this will really upset them and unsettle them - they are only just learning to take food from me after they were mistreated by the prvious owner.. they havent let me pick them up at all yet and if i try to open the cage door they will run most of the time.. so it really will be very differcult to pick them up, and even if i could im not sure whether i could sex them properly..

Dont want to attempt it unless necessary... its unlikely that the rspca would have gotten it wrong, not because they know their stuff because mistakes can happen, but because they would have had to house them in pairs of the same sex by chance in order to stop breeding whilst in their care.. so it would have been quite a coincidence if they did get it wrong..

however if the consequences of inbreeding is bad in degus then maybe sexing them asap it is something that i have to do now.. regardless of the set back in trust..
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Red face

I got 2 degus from a pet shop in January 2004, they were sold as 2 males, but 3 weeks later 4 babies were born.. I think the best thing to do is sex them ASAP, and then split them up.. The thing is they can have upto 10 babies, and what I have read on inbreeding is not nice.. They can suffer abnormalities etc.. If you want help PM me..
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Check this site, it explains inbreeding and linebreeding.

I think that you should sex them and separate them too. Inbreeding is actually a powerful breeding tool when you want to isolate a recessive gene. But, should only be attempted when you know the genetic background of the animals, still you risk having some problems, as inbreeding is done to get homozigous animals (having 2 copies of the same gene; XX or xx), that's why it's helpful to get out a recessive gene... again this is exactly the problem, as most, if not all, genetic diseases are recessive, so you can bring them to show up by doing inbreeding. You can have generetions of carriers and never get the disease to show up, and then have a disease show up once you do inbreeding, cause the recessive gene that causes it can be carried hidden. You can easily get rid of a dominant gene in your population of animals, but it's impossible to get rid of a recessive gene.
A person I know online that breeds gerbils had something happen that might help me explain what I'm trying to say:
She has a clan of gerbils, all with known genetics and can consistenly predict the babies of her breeding pairs. She had an oops litter of one her pairs. She had left a daughter in with mom and dad cause she was a runt, and was really behind. Well, dad mated with daughter and she had a surprise litter. Both were golden agouti, and with the genotype they had, the pups where supposed to be all golden agouti. Well, one pup wasn't, it was dark eyed honey. Well, redoing all genetics, she found out that dad must have a hidden recessive (Ee), and daughter inherited the recessive e from dad, and when they mated, they had a baby that was ee. This same thing can happen with any gene.
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