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Injured Degu, What To Do ? Help !!!

Hi all,

I came home today to find blood all over the ledges and the ramps.

On closer examination and some bribery with a nuts I've discovered that Timmy has somehow managed to take clean off one of his claws on the back foot.
It looks to have stopped bleeding now, although there seemed to be a lot of blood around the cage where he had walked, bleeding had stopped by the time I got home this afternoon. He seems to be walking and running fine on his foot, he isnt linping or anything, he isnt having any problems, he also doesnt appear to be in pain.. he ran around the cage like a craxy degu to get to the nut first and has eaten it fine and came back looking for more.. he allowed to me pick him up and seems to be ok..

what shall i do ? Do you guys think it would be ok to just keep an eye on him ? The blood lost appears to be a lot on first glance but i dont think it actually is.. is just looks that way as it is spread out alone the wood ledges etc .. he doesnt seem to be lethargic or upset in any way, he appears to be as normal except for his missing claw on the back foot..

I am concerned obviously but not sure what to do as there arent any vets open around my area and have no way of getting too one, two children alseep upstairs and i dont have a car at the moment.
Should I be very concerned about this ? or is it something which will heal itself ? On the one hand I want to rush him to a vet asap, on the other hand the bleeding stopped before I even got home and he seems to be in perfect health and his normal self ..

please can someone advise, I'm really upset about it.. I cant even find what he could have possibly caught it on, the cage he is in at the moment is shop bought and has no sharp edges or anything... could this have been the result of a fight that occured whilst i was out ? they all seem to be getting on great right now and ive had no previous problems with them fighting other than the odd squabble over who gets to the treat first and some dominance mounting..
I'm going to go through the cage now with a fine tooth comb and see if i can find the missing claw.. that way i might be able to find out how it happened..

thanks all

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By pulling the claw out he has cut through the quick which is its blood supply hence the bleeding. Firstly don't panic too much as there will look like theres a lot more blood then there actually is as if he's on shavings it seeps in and spreads. If its stopped bleeding then i would keep a close eye on him for a few days. If he's his normal self and running around then i imagine he should be ok but remember degu's have high pain thresholds so it might not be bothering him as much as it should but i imagine its going to be sore for a good few days and worth keeping an eye on him but it will heal itself and with any luck the claw should regrow! I'd make sure the cage is kept extra clean just to be on the safe side so to prevent any infections from starting and if it does start bleeding again get a damp cotton wool pad and apply gentle pressure too it and the bleeding should stop within a few minutes. If you are at all worried at any point about him then seek veterinary attention


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I hope Timmy is ok? Keep us informed!
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