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Question Maybe A Preggy Degu

Hi all!! I'm new to Paw-Talk and I need a little help concerning my lil degu. His name is Squirt and he might be pregnant lol. He won't let me pick him up to check if he is male or female.
Squirt is in a cage with a male degu (Nibbles). At first we thought Nibbles was just the dominant degu because he was always chasing Squirt around trying to hump him, and Squirt was a little shy (less dominant we thought). It's been about 70 days since we got them, and shortly after we got them, Nibbles woke us up sqeaking like a mad man. Maybe that's when Squirt got pregnant? Squirt is getting bigger in the belly so I'm thinking it's a girl and she's pregnant. Now that Squirt's belly is getting bigger, he's starting to fight with Nibbles rather than let him have his way. I'm thinking this may be because Squirt is actually a girl and sticking up for her babies. Could I be right?
After looking at the other posts on Paw-Talk I decided to do as others were told. Just in case Squirt is pregnant I gave them some materials to build a nest ( I'm not sure if they'll use them because we got them a little nest of hay when we first got them, maybe she'll just use that for a nest?), so far they didn't build a nest. I also tried feeling Squirt's belly to see if I could feel the babies moving, and I couldn't. Squirt is now walking funny with his/her legs more open and hopping sometimes rather than walking. Also, if he's on the wheel and Nibbles gets on, Squirt will leave the wheel rather than run with Nibbles like he used to, he'll only run alone now. Could these be signs?
Thank you so much for reading my long post and thank you in advance for helping me!!
Please let me know if my predictions are right.
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If Squirt is female and is pregnant i'd cease handling him/her now as could cause her to abort. I'm gonna make the assumption that Squirt is indeed female and that she is expecting in my answer. I'd also say if she is showing i.e getting fatter thats shes pretty far gone in the pregnancy and due pretty soon i'd say within the next few weeks. You mentioned Nibbles waking you up in the night a while back, normally after a successful mating the male makes a call which is probably what you heard IF Squirt is indeed female. You have done the right thing giving her nesting materials and you should prepare the cage as if she is going to give birth, so remove the wheel if its on the same floor at the nest, cover any small gaps or bars so you get no escapee's or injuries and keep a close eye on them from now on because as soon as Squirt gives birth Nibbles needs to be removed asap otherwise she will get pregnant straight away again and it could at worst kill her Dad can be put back in after 3 days or so and he should help bring the babies up but keep a close eye on him. Also for the first few weeks keep handling to a minimum as recent research has shown handling at a young age can stress the young out and cause them to have brain malfunctions in later life which is a pretty freaky thought but something worth baring in mind! My advice is to prepare as if she is going to give birth and that way you can't be wrong either way

Goodluck and please keep us posted as baby degu's are sooooooo cute


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I didn't know my new degu, Shatzi, was pregnant. I must have bought her when she was 2 months pregnant, b/c she had the babies about a month after I got her at the pet store. I had read all about degus, but I never bothered to read anything about breeding, considering I had two females - so I missed EVERY warning sign. She walked with a waddle, her tummy was pretty plump, she made a nest with everything I gave her, she never really liked to be handled, and she would become irritable at times.
Then on some random night, i went in my room, and she was delivering her babies. You can imagine my shock. They are the most adorable babies ever though.
Good luck with whatever happens!
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Thanks for the replys!! If anyone else has any input on the matter or suggestions, please let me know!! thanks again!!
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Welcome to PT!
I got 2 degus in January 2004, both apparantly male, but 2 weeks later along came 4 babies.. I never regreted keeping them all, as they are the most adorable babes.. Kirsty has given great advice, and keep us informed...
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Well im pretty sure Squirt IS in fact pregnant, she got HUGE over the past three days!! Like someone else said, a baseball with arms and legs!! It's cute because she keeps trapping Nibbles in the lil wooden cave we got them lol. I helped her build her nest yesterday, I gave her some peices of a bed sheet to use and she loved it, that was also pretty darn cute! Right now I have to prepare the little cage for Nibbles so i can take him out within the next few days before Squirt pops!! I'm so excited !! Thanks guys, and I'll keep you posted and have pics for you in a few days!! YAY!!
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She still didn't have her babies, but they're comin soon!! Yesterday I put my hand on her belly and I felt one move!!! Nibbles' cage is ready and I put it close the the big cage so they can still see and sniff each other. Squirt is getting VERY protective now, when I let my chin out yesterday and she went over to the cage to visit Squirt started FREAKING out, so Chilla had to go back in her cage... Is there a certain time around when degus have their babies? I heard that chins have their babies in the morning usually, is it the same for degus? Thanks guys and I'll update soon!! YAY BABIES!!
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