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Exclamation My Naughty Degus

Last night my degus climbed up the side of their cage and ate a hole in the bottom of the raison bag and raisons went everywhere. (stupid me for forgetting them there :hitself: ) I dont know exactly how many they ate because they left a bunch in there scattered, but will they be ok ? I cleaned the scattered ones up and the Degus seemed fine except very hyper . I won't give them any treats for a few days and maybe that will be good for them to work off that sugar . Any help??
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Red face

Cheeky little degus! I would avoid giving them any treats for the next few days and just give them their regular food.. Hopefully the sugary overdose will not have any lasting effects on them.. I dont really give mine raisons that often, as I try to avoid too much sugar in their diets.. They do like shredded wheat bitesize though, can you get that in the US/Canada? Hope this helps?
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Yes I do believe we get those in Canada, they're on my next shopping list I don't normally give my degus raisons either except my hubby gave them on each the day before they ate the hole... maybe it was a bad idea to give them a try lol. They seem to be doing fine now and Squirt is more pregnant than ever!
But I'm still worried about the diabeties thing, do you think they'll get it from they're splurge??
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I would try not to worry too much about the diabetes.

I'm sure that they would be more at risk after continuous eating of foods high in sugar (weeks, months), or having it in their diet every day.

If you are really worried, you could find out how much a blood test for diabetes would cost from your vet next time you go. at least that would put your mind at rest because you would know for sure, and be able to avoid sugars all together.

Ultimately, its happened already and there is nothing you can do IF they do develop diabetes. try not to worry! remember, degus can live with diabetes. I believe one of mine to have it (from before we got him from rescue) and he's been with us for over two years now with no problems.

I hope they're ok!
Sugar-free hugs!
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My poor girl has diabeties. She must have got it at the store before I bought her or pre-disposed with it because my other girl doens't have problems when I give her the same foods. I don't treat as often as the majority of you, prolly cause I'm took scared she'll have another seizure from something as simple as a hay cube.
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doing fine, shredded wheat

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