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New borns are here, any advice?

Well, NoName has given birth!

So we now have 8 new borns. All alive, healthy, big and moving, feeding well too. I'm so happy. I'd read that some can die at birth, so I'm really glad that despite her young age, they've all been born healthy.

They're a day old and very large, and the mother seems happy and content. Rewarded with a piece of carrot!

So, any advice anyone can give about temperature, food, water, bedding would be appreciated.

Also, as we will most likely have to sell them due to the number of them, is there any way that we could mark them to know which litter is which?

Any advice at all would be appreciated
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Correction, *11 new borns.

I counted wrong last night!
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I just noticed that you haven't had a response to this yet (6 days after posting). Do you still have questions/need help?

To answer a few of your questions, just in case, give mom unlimited food. A few oats also provided mom with the energy she needs.

As far as cleaning/bedding is concerned, when my degus gave birth, I didn't disturb the nest until the babies were fully mobile. I only spot-cleaned the cage and kept providing them with paper towels so that they could replenish the nest. The moms kicked out dirty litter, which I then could grab and throw out.

I have heard of people marking babies with markers, but I wouldn't recommend that. The babies need to be at least 6 weeks old before they can be separated from Mom. When they reach that age, and before 8 weeks of age, separate the male babies from the female babies. Any prospective adopter can then decide on whether they want males or females.

I have two litters of babies – each mom and her daughters have their own four-level cage, and dad is in a third four-level cage with his sons. I can't tell everyone apart other than those that have had issues or have distinctive ear injuries, or extreme personalities.
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Newborn Pup
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I think we have everything covered now, but thank you!
They're all doing so well. The ones who are a few days older are so big now, strong and very...squeaky! One in particularly is going to be trouble, I can tell! He already has such an attitude, it's brilliant to see! Some of the younger ones are growing faster than their brothers/sisters, but I think sharing milk sometimes has caused some of them to be a bit greedy.
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