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Hi Everyone,

I don't post in this section often, but I have just picked up 5 young Degus that were dropped off in a tupperware container at a local animal shelter.
They will be in my care until we can line up loving forever homes for them through SARS BC ( the oganization i volunteer with.

I've not owned Degus myself, but have read a bit about their care, and cared for friends who own them.
I would like to sex these Degus ASAP, so to help prevent any un-needed litters. Could someone please link me or post some good pictures of the differences of Male & Female degus when they are young?

Other good Degu links are very welcome also.

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I had trouble sexing my boys so I'm probably not much help but this site has two fairly clear pictures to help you out:

Good luck and I hope the degus find great homes!
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Thank you!
That was a big help, I can sex gerbils & rabbits no prblems and now Degus
Looks like we have 3 Girls and 2 boys.
they are a bit skittish, but after what they've been through today i don't blame them. I actually thought they would be alot more skittish, but a couple of them will even hop right into my hand, no ones even tried to bite me either!

I have seperated the boys from girls, and given them all a bit of dust bath to play in, they love it.
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Thank GOODNESS. I've never been able to really tell from the drawings which sex my degu were. I always figured male (and always knew they were the SAME sex, at least!). Now I know for sure. I really would have hated to have to rename Felix and Oscar. Felix could have easily become Felicia, but how the heck would I change Oscar to feminise it? And, really - they ARE the Odd Couple!
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animal shelter, dust bath, local animal shelter

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