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shredded newspaper

Alright well the degu i'm gettings litter is wood chips, i'm not sure what type yet, i was wondering can you use shredded news paper? I know you can use that for mice and rats. and i have lots of news paper. I'm just curious if it can be used for the degu cause it would make a relly inexpensive litter. or any suggestions on other types of litter? just curious. and can any one recommend some good toys? the degu i'm getting has nothing but a wheel.
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I don't use the shredded paper as litter so I honestly don't know, I use Kiln Dried Pine I buy it from a local feed store here a big bale is like $4 and I usually buy 2 at a time. One bale between the cavies, degus, and Chinnies usually lasts me for about a month. So not bad at all..... As for toys go to the bird section of your local pet store, they love to climb on things and most bird toys have the wood blocks for them to chew on as well. Back to the bedding, I had always hesitated on the pine, but with so much advice I had gotten in here, I stayed with the Kiln Dried but then found out about the feed store carrying them in much much bigger bales and for way way cheaper.
Good Luck
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humm i'll have to look into that. also should i get it a friend? after i was told that it wouldn't let the last one it had eat i'm getting a little worried. i could always keep more than one food and water dish in there....i know there suppost to be kept in pairs.......i dunno any ideas?
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I agree with NavyWife97 on the bedding.I use it in everyone's cage.It is good and very reasonably priced for a big bale which I go thru almost 2 bales a week for all of my pets.
AS for getting it a friend I have heard they get lonely,but never had one by itsself,I got a pair when I got mine.
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I wouldnt recommend shredded newspaper because of the inks, stick with the bedding that NavyWife and Runt has suggested.

If you get him a friend, do a slow introduction and watch very closely after the initial get together to make sure they are both eating.
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If you go with the pine from a feed store up here. Be careful that you don't accidently get what they call softwood litter. I bought it a couple times before realizing that it had lots of yellow cedar in it. If you go with pine make sure it is just pine. I have had this problem a few times with them trying to sneak cedar in lol.
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lol how bout i just take you with me barb =P
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LOL , yeah yeah. With my luck they will have some new screwy thing on the market lol. How bout aspen.... actually can't you get shavings when your dad does his next project. The ones i got were great . The ones your dad gave me. Hmmm should get you to ask dad for some for me for my opossums lol.
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