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Arabella is learning to be an escape artist

The other night I made the mistake of putting her ball on top of her cage where it opens, I wanted to see if she would climb up to the top and get into her ball, and she did. At first I was so proud of how smart she is. She had alot of fun running around in her ball and didn't want to go back in her cage afterwards.

Well this taught her that she can climb to the top of her cage and if she tries hard enough she can get out. Not long after we went to bed, I heard a loud noise that came from her cage. I went to go check on her, and the wall of her cage had come crashing down, she was standing up and was a few feet away from the counter top where we keep her cage, I could cry just thinking about if I didn't get there in time, because she could of feel and injured herself really badly.

So I put her cage back together and made sure it was secure and put her on the floor under our kitchen table just in case she should escape again.

Yesterday all was good during the day, no more escape attempts. Then this morning I hear this weird sound in the bedroom but wasn't really cohairant to acknowledge it, I was half asleep. My boyfriend comes in the room and calmy tells me she had escaped again. We heard a chewing sound near my dresser, so we though she was underneath it so we moved it, but she wasn't there. So I started opening all the draws and finally found her in my underwear draw. I got her ball and she hesitated a bit then finally went in her ball then I got her back to her cage.

I am just concerned because she was in the bedroom, and when she was sick before w/wettail she was in the bedroom, and when I first started treating her w/it, I tried to pick her up with a sock on day, she got scared and got lose and ran underneath the bed. We have cleaned every other area of the house, but the bed is really heavy so we haven't cleaned under there yet, but we were planning to, but keeping her off limits to that room until then. I think I remember that when I treated a hamster w/wet tail a few years ago the vet said that the bacteria only sticks around for about 2 weeks and if it don't come in contact w/anything it dies. But I am not sure and don't remember. We are not even sure if she went under the bed, I hope not and hope she don't get sick again.

I did start to calm down about her and not worry as much the past two days, but now I am worried all over again. And I can't wait to her new cage comes in the mail, so in the meantime we have her cage all taped up so she can't break out again. She is in the Mini Crittertrail, it is really too small for her, but I bought it for her when she was sick, because I figured it would be alot easier to clean and treat her, she was in the Crittertrail X before, but it is so big and has so many tubes I am parranoid that I did not clean it well enough, so I didn't put her back in there ever since, so I ordered her a whole new cage.
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Keep us posted.

All I can add is that it took me a few years, even with many hams, to fully understand their escape capabilities. They are very resorceful, such as the one who knocked over her wheel, stood on it tiptoe to slowly gnaw a hole in the lid, and then do an amazing chinup to squeeze up and out. Another slowly gnawed a hole in the corner of a big 30 gallon Sterilite bin - but that is a very rare thing to be able to do.

When you get all this figured out you will worry less - the purpose of these pets is to relax us!
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I am worried about if she was under my bed, she was under there when she had wet tail, and that is the one area w/did not clean and disinfect yet because the bed is so heavy to move.

I had a hamster once escape while I was on vacation, he had free roam of my house for 4 days. It took me a full day to find him, and when I found him, he was walking around my shelf around my figurenines, and he froze like one of the figurines trying to blend in thinking I would not see him, but when he realized I did see him, he bolted. It was so funny.
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Dion, a very cute ham, when young escaped. His mom also here actually once also did but she RAN UP TO ME like a little dog wanting to go back home. He hid and would not come up being still scared of me. It was intensely frustrating to barely be able to see him under the sofa but be unable to reach him.

So, I left out food and water. He was roaming free for ten days! I finally caught him as I heard some noise in a plant pot I had emptied and put some food in, and it was on its side. I sneaked up on him, and quickly righted it, and he was in the pot!

Wet Tail has never been described as being caused by whatever is under your bed, unless a ham with WT was also under there previously.
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yes, when she was sick before she got under the bed. I tried to pick her up w/ a sock and she got scared, fell from my hand and ran under the bed. Then the other day she escaped and was in the bedroom and we were worried that she was under the bed, where she was before when she was sick before. From my understanding it takes 7 days to come down w/it, if she is fine in a few days that will mean she won't get sick again. Since then we have cleaned under the bed.

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I hope she is ok!
That reminds me of a story about my hamster Sami. One morning I went downstairs to check on her and found her door open. I thought the night before I had left it open. She was still in her cage but had a small piece of purple fabric in her cage. That night I made sure her door was closed. The next morning it was open again. I figured out she had got out and stole a piece of fabric my daughter was sewing with. We went camping, came home the door was open and she was in her cage. One morning my husband's shirt was all chewed up. It was laying on the floor waiting to be washed. Funny hamster, always escaped but always found her way home. I switched cages and had no problem since.
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I've never had problems with my hamsters escaping, but I've seen some amazing pictures. I remember seeing a picture once of a hammie in one of those cages that is half solid plastic and half wire bars where he had himself squeezed hlafway through the bars on the door. He looked stuck, but he wasn't really.

I hope that your little hammie is ok.
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Thank you. She is doing ok, I think if she would of got wet tail again she would of got it by now. She escaped again a few days ago, lol. She was in her ball and the ball lid came loose. I knew right away that she was in our closet, because she always seems so curious of the closet. My boyfriend who never really picked her up, picked her up and put her back in her ball, and she didn't bite him. What was funny though, was that she seemed to be sulking about it after that, she wasn't running in her ball that much. So we told her that it was ok and we were not mad at her at all and just happy for her to be ok, then she returned to her normal hyper self.
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wet tail

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