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Yeah i wasnt sure what to call the topic title, so i figured something obscure and stupid would work.

Im pretty new to this forums, but im a pretty regular forum goer on several other sites and know my way around the "kitchen" so to speak.

I would like to say that I own a variety of animals and it seems like im always coming up with ways and places to get more of them, and the kids love it.

I currently own 2 cats, one which is a huge fat orange tabby and one is a black/white cow colored cat, both male, and a dog that was given to us by a man whos health is failing him terribly, shes a terrier/dachshund mix thats just adorable.

We also have two dwarf russian Hamsters (Lilly and Tiber), and a plain ole Gerbil named Sweetie.

The reason that I joined is because I have a few questions about my hamsters and it worries me a bit because im really good with animals and this just perplexes me.

We bought both hamsters together, out of a horrible "community" cage where they were all just thrown in together and just... there were a few of them in there that I know had been picked on and a pregnant female that I ended up taking out (free range cage = no cage top either), and going to the manager, which I then told him to separate her before she had her babies and the rest ate them all.

Anywho, both Tiber and Lilly were good hamsters and I planned on starting to breed them and to sell the babies if I was able to.
Ive bred mice before and since I was young, marketing them out to the public didnt bode so well and I ended up being swarmed with mice in under 6 months.

The only problem is after about a month of having both the hamsters in the same cage, Tiber, the male, began to be very violent towards Lilly.
He would bite her and they would fight and there would be all kinds of nasty squeaking coming from the cage... so after a day of this I took Tiber out and into another cage away from poor Lilly, who had scabs on the root of her tail.
Then Tiber just became very violent to anyone or anything. He bit my children a couple of times, and me more than I can remember, so Ive just been feeding him and disturbing his cage only when nescesary.

It seems very odd that a mild mannered smart little hamster would turn so violent because of a spousal disagreement lol.

Does anyone know how to help his condition and if I will ever get to breed the two?
Ive done my research, since mice are completely different than hamsters, but.. doing what most of the books and online articles have said to do, im at a loss since they are still separated.

Any help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance!

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