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Catching Gerbils

I would like to know if you have had a gerbil escape in your home, what is the best way you have been able to catch them?

I didn't do my regular gerbil check last night, I was tired and went straight to bed, now I see Alero has pushed her tank lid open and escaped! Her other 2 tank mates are still there, and i can't find her anywhere
I feel like such an ideot.
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put her cage down on the floor she will go back to it. this is what I do when my gerbils gets lose.close off all openings such as front and back doors, so she can't get outside. since she is lose leave all doors open so she can get to the cage. Fortunately when mine get lose I see them and leave the cage where I last saw them. look for her and when you see her put the cage down, oh I forgot you use tanks thats a problem unless she does climb up to it I don't know When you get her back I would seriously put something on top of her tank
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I found I actually have a method, one that works great... I'm calling it the Whizz gerbil detector

Yup, the Whizz gerbil detector can find a gerbil in any room, AND she only works for pats and a cookie!

Only bad news is, Alero was not accepted by the dominent female in the tank I have then in a split cage now.
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lol thats cute
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I'm glad you found your gerbil again - it is so scary when you lose one, isn't it? My last gerbil Pippy (RIP) escaped the day I got her...I had been used to Casper who was so tame that he didn't ever run away from me and so I got Pip out and it didn't occur to me that she didn't know to stay with me, so she was away before I knew what happened. Like you I really felt like an idiot. She was under the bed and begind bookcases and everything. I spent a good 2 hours trying to catch her (lucky I knew where she was and was living in a one-room flat at the time) before I realised that I would have to outsmart her rather than outrun her. I blocked all the exits to the bookcases except one, where I put her cage. Within a few minutes she was back home and safe. It took me a long time after that to regain her trust - not surprising after I spent so long chasing her around. Lots of sunflower seeds and peanuts eventually won her over!

I hope that the other gerbils soon accept Alero back into the tank. How long was she out? Good luck xx
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I had one escape earlier today. I put a large DEEP trash bin on its side with some food in it. The gerb wandered in and I righted the bin, simple.

I also use a havahart trap.
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Alero was out anywhere from 10 to 12 hours maybe even a bit more
I've swapped all the girls over in the split cage, but Lexus is still trying to attack Alero through the bars. This is going to be a tricky one for sure. This was my biggest fear when i was she was first missing. I've had a gerbil in a pair escape and then be happliy accepted back, but never in a threesome.
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split cage, sunflower seeds

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