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depressed or just plain lazy

i just got my new dwarf hamster monday. he's already very tamed and very friendly and hasn't bitten anyone. i know that hamsters sleep during the day but my hamster sleeps all day and part of the night. in the evening, i put him in his little ball and he just sits there and goes to sleep. the only time he moves is when i hold him. he's about 12 weeks old. i'm wondering if he's depressed or just plain lazy.
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It's normal for hamsters, when you first get them, for them to sleep long periods of time. Young ones sleep longer, anyhow. Give him a couple months, and he'll probably start scheduling a regular time to wake up. That's what mine always did - usually they'd wake up about 5 pm.
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Do you know what kind of Dwarf Hamster it is? From my experience in owning both Campbell's and Winter Whites I've found that the Campbell's sleep a lot more. My Winter Whites are active periodically throughout the day and very active at night, while I remember my Campbell's sleeping all the time. Chinese and Robos tends to sleep a lot during the day as well.

Also keep in mind that new hamsters aren't used to your daily routine. When they're in a pet store, they sleep during the day because the lights are on and it's noisy and then are awake at night because it's dark and quiet. My guys sleep when my roommate and I are out for the day and are awake and beg for treats when we're there. You two just have to fall into routine together
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i beleive he's a campbell's. he's all black. thanks you both for shedding some light on this situation. it's a lot of help
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I wouldn't worry too much. My two girls (one passed away last year) were like night & day. One slept all the time & the other loves to be awake & active. Hamsters have their own personalities, just like people do. If it was a dramatic change after usually being active, I'd worry, but otherwise not. Also, after Donna died, Prima slept more because she missed her sister a lot. Your new baby might just be missing the hamsters it used to share a cage with at the store. It'll get used to you soon, don't worry!
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