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Unhappy Dwarf hamster has blood around genital area?

I have a female Russian dwarf hamster named Janis I got a month ago and last night I noticed she was acting weird. She wasn't very active like she normally is, and seemed to be oddly tired. Then I noticed that she had blood on her bottom and it looked like it was coming from her genital area. I started crying because I thought she might've hurt herself but there's nothing in her cage for her to injure herself.

I looked up that this might be normal? That female hamsters sometimes bleed and that it goes away quickly. But today she's still acting weird. When I left for school she was resting in the corner of her cage and even after school she still was. When I pet her she might open her eyes, move around a bit, but that's just it. She just sleeps. I can't see any blood leaking from her, just some still on her genital area.

It's now way later and she isn't doing anything at all. She lays in one spot and, I guess, sleep. I put food in front of her and she just sniffs it. She won't even open her eyes much. I tried cleaning the area with the blood but it's still there and nothing has improved.

I just don't know what all I can do because every vet I've called don't treat hamsters and the one vet I did find charges $80 just to bring in a pet and anything else the doctor does costs extra. I don't have that kind of money at all.

The day before yesterday she was perfectly fine and then last night she suddenly wasn't. I don't know what to do if she's still acting like this tomorrow and it's really worrying me.
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I'm sorry but she really needs vet care. There's nothing anyone can do over the internet .


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Sounds like what happened to my hamster, who I'm almost sure died from internal bleeding. :/ He got going in his wheel so fast he spun himself out of it, and as near as I can figure, hit the corner of his plastic sleep box, and I found him the next night laying in his nest, with a pool of dried blood, which, upon investigating, had come from his genital region, just like your hamster. So....there's probably nothing that you can do.. it sounds like she's getting close to that point, anyway :/ Animals who know they're gonna die don't typically eat. You could try syringe-feeding her apple sauce(I actually saved a hamster dying from malnutrition by doing that), just to get his body energized. Or if you have it or can find it, some pure berry jam, without added sugar or preservatives.

Is her cage set up in any way that she could have fallen, or accidentally thrown herself onto something that could've caused internal bleeding? Hamsters are generally pretty hardy - mine have taken countless falls that SHOULD have seriously injured them, but all they did was take a few minutes for a time-out, and were back to normal. But there are occasions, such as with my hamster Zodi that I mentioned, and possibly with your hamster, where they just can't shake it off.

Don't feel bad, hon, these things happen. And don't worry, at least as far as I'm concerned, not having that kind of money for a vet doesn't make you any less of a concerned, and well-meant pet owner. It's just rotten luck, is all. It's not your fault - like I said, it sounds suspiciously like what happened to my hamster, and I didn't see him running around his cage for 2 days, and when I decided to investigate, he had died. Just make her as comfortable as possible, make sure she's warm, and try to get some pure raspberry jam or apple mash into her(mash the apple yourself - applesauce bought in-store generally has added sugar and other things).

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That is just what happen when you put more than 2 or 3 hamsters in one cage. They all just in the end fight each other.

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Um, it appears from how the post was typed that that is the only hamster in the cage. I'm pretty sure the OP would've mentioned cagemates were there any.
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