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Red face Dwarf Hamster trouble!!!!!!!!

Hello to all, one problem with my hamsters!!

I bought two dwarf hamsters last week. At the start they got on great and were even falling asleep together. But in the last few days they have been fighting constantly. The lad in the pet shop did not know the sex of either and I wonder now why they are fighting. I can hear screams and the larger one has what looks like a severe cut under his/her eye. The smaller of the two seems to be afraid of the other and to me seems to be trying to get out of the pod and always comes to me when I put my hand in, its as if he/she feels safe when my hand is in there. The other scarpers of in a hurry. I am really worried in case something serious happens.

HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS ALL!!!!!!!!

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You will probably have to seperate them.
The rule is...as long as there is no blood,everything is fine.
I know dwarf hamsters can usually live together,but depending on how big their cage is...they may become territorial.If one is hurting the other,they should be seperated.

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Dwarfs are nice but sometimes they have to live a solitary life becuase they dont get along with anyother. i have 2 that dont get along with anyother. 1 is in the males mouse tank becuase heis a male and they are all fine I DONT recomend this and some have sucssesfully housed gerbils and hamsters together. The othe is female in the female mouse tanks and they have attualyl made wonderful nannys when the mice have has babies but again this is not sugested. I had about 3 weeks ago 3 of mine killed by ones that were housed with and got a long a mom and her 2 girls that were 3 months old and they have been living together for a while and only seperated for her to have her litter then when old enough introed back it carfully with them. They lived to gether for a month before this happened.
The reason why the ones comes ot you is becuase hammies are friendly but he or she sees you as a safty zone and the other is proably jsut so scared that anything that comes near it scares it. one coudl be a male and the other a female and if the girl is prego and the male is tryignto breed with her she should be bullying him. It also hard to tell when dwarf hamsters are prego sometimes you cant and sometimes you can. I woudl spereate them and if you want them to have some comapny then place themto gether is a big paly area for a whiel threw out the day and play with them you dont want ot leave them unserevized because they could hurt one another. Look on the web how to tell male from female and check them. I look at the distence between were they pee and poop if it close together its a gilr and males are not plus if you alppy jsut a little presher you should see his man hood bulge a little. also Males have what looks like a scab on their belly this is a cent gland and the males is bigger.
Some times I think that mine are fighting and when I watch them for a bit they are playing ruff. Also the one runnign away could jsut need more socilizing and the one that comes to you is just natural freindly. I wish you all the best of luck.
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Did you try and sex them? I know when I was younger and was sold a male and a female.... they seemed to fight a lot and the male would pin the female down... and then I ended up with three babies.

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Dwarf hamsters have been known weather same sex or not to kill one another after so long if they dont get along with each other. Some get along with others and some dont. Seaperating them woudl be best. Also since you have gotten them they were taken out of their inviroment and then you put them together in a new place they could be fighting to see who is doment since they are in a new place. If htey were with others then taken and place in a new inviroment they will and have a tendencey to fight over whos the boss. Watch them threw the day and let them be will one another but when your not around seperate them.
How have they been acting latly any better or worse?
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I have 4 dwarf hamsters. The first two are female roborovskis and have always got along great. The other two are male chinese dwarf - they 'came together' so to speak and were fine for a few days but then started violently fighting. I would seperate them straight away as I've found when they start fighting like that they won't stop.
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just to give more into to seperating i would have to agree and it is very likley that one is a male and the other a female and if the female is stressed too much which is any tiny bit at all and pregnant the babies or her will not make it when i first got into dwarf i got two cage mates ("males") that enjoyed each others company then all of a sudden fought like crazy i was able to seperate but 2 days later i went upstairs to feed them and the one that was doing the beating up was dead and had a baby halfway out i believe she died from stress with the male and during her labor once the male mates with the female she will no longer be excepting of him until the babies are born so he most likely got her pregnant and is still looking for more but she wont give it so has to fight him off the females generally are more dominant that is why when breeding you either put them in a neutral area or the female in the males cage on another note if they are two opposite sexes and it hasnt been going on for more than 4 days then "he" might be trying to mate and "she" is just not in heat but dwarf go into heat every 4 days at night time for approx. 8-12 hoursthe males however are like all males they are ready all the time. i am really sorry this is so long but they could also be the same sex and just dont like each other i think your best bet would be to seperate and then determie the sex a great visual can be found here http://www.hamsterific.com/HamsterUn...gHamsters.html the bottom pics are russian dwarfs let us know how it all works out
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The only thing i can say is seperate them because if they are both girls or maybe even boys but girls are alott more territorial then boys but either way the best thing is to seprate them hope it works
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