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thank you to everyone who helps me along with my new found pets- but alas, one last conundrum.

I've had my little guys for about a month and a half now. I'm taking them to college with me, yet still, I can't get them used to me for all they pennys in the world.

They still run from my hand, and freak out when I come near them (not nearly as bad as they first did- now they know it usually means treat time)

They will eat out of my hand, but that seems to be the most intereaction they'll do.

I move slow, and try not to startle them, yet still, they aren't seeming to get any closer to trusting me. (To be fair, play time with them varies on school and work)

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I had that same problem with our first gerbil we got, how long have you had them? Try to get them a exersize ball or wheel. Also try washing your hands with hand sanitizer. some times they cant get used to the smell on your hands. if you have another animal it might be that to. I hope this helps let me know what is going on.
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It just takes time, your only a month and a half in. I had one gerbil who acted that way till he was a year old, while others have been the friendliest since day 1. Just be paitent, you are getting somewhere if they are eating from your hands now.
When I'm hand taming young ones I wear a long sleeved shirt/sweater with BIG (wide) sleeves, and i leave my hand and arm in the tank for 30 mins or so each day. They will eventually want to explore and climb up inside and outside the sleeve.
This get's them use to your smell, and they learn how much fun you are.
Don't worry you are doing a good job, just keep up with it and all the hard work will pay off in the end
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My gerb is a couple years old and no matter what I do, she dislikes being handled.She isn't afraid of me and will come up to me and greet or even lick me, but handling, she hates it!

Some gerbils are different then others.

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I haven't had any problems handling my gerbils either all of them will come to me and I just pick them up, it does take time though, but also all mine are mine we just had two we bought and the rest are babies scoop them up from the bottom don't pick them up over head because that will scare them. do wash your hands and don't be nervous they might sense that. I am just telling of my own experience here I just went in and picked them up at the very first before we even put them in the cage the first two I mean
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