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My son had a dwarf but my sister's puppy got it over the weekend so we bought him another one a few days ago. My other son still has his dwarf & we put them together. Thing is the new little guy looks more like a gerbil than a dwarf hamster (although at the pet store they said he was a dwarf), he's long & skinny with more pointy/prounounced facial features & isn't round at all like our other dwarf. They aren't getting along too great either not sure b/c of being a newbie in the house or b/c of their differences but the new little guy is biting the back & neck of the dwarf. The dwarf is a female & the new guy is a male could that have anything to do with this? Could he actually be a gerbil & not a hamster? These are our 1st little critters so we are just learning about them & I'm not sure what the difference is b/t a hamster & a gerbil. Can anyone help and/or give me some good sites to check out?


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Here are some pics that might help you:

Campbell's Dwarf Hamster:


Syrian hamster:


Winter White Hamster:

Chinese hamster (and I'm guessing this is what you have...)

Another pic of it (taken from )

Roborovski Hamter:

Campbell's, Winter Whites, Roborovski and Chinese are often referede to as "dwarf hamsters" but they are 4 different species. If you have two of different species, I suggest that you separate them as you should NEVER mix different species of rodents. If you have a hamster and another species, like a mouse or a gerbil, separate them as well. Notice that they all have pretty different features, like furry tail in gerbils, naked tail in mice, short tail in hamsters, big ears in mice, big almond eyes in gerbils... ect.
Even though dwarf hamsters are somewhat social, they are very territorial too. On the experience I've had, you can only put 2 dwarves together if they are young. Once they are adults, it would be hard/impossible to put them together. If you indeed have 2 of the same species, and have a male and a female, think about the babies they will have if you put them together. They have an average of 6 babies per litter... can have a lot more, and the female will get pregnant the same day she gives birth, so she can have around 10-11 litters per year.

Good luck with them, let us know what you conclude with the information I've given you, and, if you can, post pictures, as I would love to see them. 8) If you need any more help or tips, don't be afraid to ask! 8)
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Thanks this helped a lot. The one we recently got was the chinese dwarf. Now I know why he looks so different than the other dwarf she must've grabbed one from the wrong cage when we got him b/c the one my son had orignally picked out was diff looking before she got this one out. We are going to see about trading him for the other. Thank you also for the links
I will try to get pics.
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It would be interesting to see a picture =)
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Well my son decided to keep the Chinese Hamster. I got pics but they aren't very good I will have to get more & better ones. All 3 have their own cages now

Chinese Hamster (Jumper)

Campbell's Dwarf (Sofie)

Long Haired (Killer my baby - got his name b/c he took a huge bite out of my sons finger)
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Padfoot, forgot to mention that my sons dwarf looked just like the pic you posted - same colors
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See, I knew it was a chinese! 8) Too cute!
It would be very hard to confuse a gerbil with a hamster... any hamster. Note that the one I posted is 6 weeks old at that time, and pretty big compared to a dwarf hamster, but the don't grow as big as a syrian. The first four pics (campbells, gerbil, syrian and mice) are of my own animals. 8) That little campbell was Adonis who is RIP. 8(

I really like chinese hamsters, I'm glad your son decided to keep him. Also, it's an uncommon hamster, so I think you are lucky to have found one out there. 8) I also like robo's, hopefully will have some of both species in the future. 8)

Thanks for the pictures! 8)
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