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Gerbil fight and question

sorry for the length, if it is to long just skip to the second part.

it has been a while since i have been on and my wife reminded me of the site. (glad she did)

My wife and i had an issue a couple of nights ago with our gerbils Gigi and Bijou, we took a break from packing and were playing with them for a bit and put them back to rest, well a couple hours went by and i walked by the tank and i see that Bijou was not acting right (she seemed to be the dominant one) so i picked her up and she had bite marks all over her back end (i know about dominance fighting) so my wife and i started cleaning off her wounds and loving on her when i noticed just under her tail that a nice size chunk of flesh was missing, just as i noticed that my wife saw another really big wound on the side of her leg and after seeing how bad they were we got the travel carrier out and took her to an emergancy vet (6pm and all the offices were closed), now my wallet is 250 dollars lighter but the vet was well versed in small animals and could not believe how bad the wounds were, our cat Sadie (she was a momma at one point and thinks the Gerbils are her babies) curled right up next to the extra cage we had Bijou in and did not leave her side until she saw that Bijou was moving around (almost 36 hours).

well Bijou is just fine but now Gigi and Bijou are alone in these big tanks and i am worried that they may get depressed from being alone, has anyone here ever had luck with re-introducing two females after this dominance fighting or should my wife and i look into getting to young girls and working on introducing them out girls.

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That sounds bad you deffinitely need to keep them separate. Gerbils will fight to the death of one of them. If you get two young ones you will still have to get them used to each other. It is a process to this. you will have to get a split cage or divider for your cage. put one gerbil on each side so they can smell each other, every other day you switch the gebils and put the litter of each on the other side. You keep doing this for about two weeks. then you can put them together but watch them very carefully for a fight if they fight do the whole process over again, eventually they will accept each other but it takes alot of time and patience. I would do this with the gerbils you have now first though I hope this helps you out some.
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Once blood is shed the bond has been broken
What you could do so they still have the company of one another is make them a permenent split tank. So they can see/smell each other through the divider but cannot hurt one another.
Gerbils who de-clan sometimes rather be alone, I have one girl who will never accept another gerbil, but the gerbil she lived with and hurt very badly has accepted a new tank mate and they are best of friends (THOUGH she would not accept a gerbil the same colour as the one that hurt her... yup strange).
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Andrea I am glad you posted this because I forgot about blood being drawn that the bond was gone
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split cage

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