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Gerbil Pup Questions

She had her pups!

Yesterday she gave birth to 7 pups in the morning. I actually got to see her in labor. Now for questions.

Please don't yell at me - I am asking for help on the issue. I had bought originally 3 gerbils around 4 months ago being told they were all females. Later to find out it's two females and one male. I hear this is bad. Nothing has ever happened - they are quite bonded. Two never breed, I'm pretty sure they are siblings anyways. But he did get the one female who delivered yesterday. I am very excited about it - I'm going to take care of them. Thing is I don't want it to happen again and again and again. So when she had them I took the one female out into a different cage, but beside them. I left the father with the mother as I hear is good, right? He's being really helpful with her and she's so much nicer since she had her babies! Now what do I do when they are weaned? I plain on giving some to homes - yes good ones, I already know some. And I might keep one or two. I am shooting for breaking it down to two cages - males and females. I want to re-bond the mom and other one when the babies are done, is this possible? And take the dad out and maybe keep some boy pups to be with him? And should I keep a girl pup to add to the female clan also? Or would that be bad also? I'm new at this one 'clan thing'. I always kept gerbils singlely. Now, when I do this I have a 99% chance she is already pregnant again, that's no big deal. But can she take care of them the second round withuot the dad to prevent thrid round breedings?

Thanks in advance.
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Yes, Mom will be pregnant again, as they mate soon after the pups are born.
I personally would have kept sister in there with Mom, and taken dad out. This way no third litters, and you don't have to 'try" and bond sister back to mom (which can be tricky), While Dad being male will happliy except any baby male pups (most males LOVE pups!).
I have had 2 (young) sisters raise a litter together, and even the same two sisters with a daughter raise a litter and it worked out very well. Though I would not try this with older gerbils.
You also have a good chance the other female is pregnent also, so watch for signs from her.
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Yeah, I agree with Andrea. I also think that it would be easier for you to avoid pairing sister again with mom, as it's kinda harder to pair again adult females. I think that when the babies are weaned, you should separate them and dad, and leave mom a female pup. You can keep male pups with dad, and try to pair a female pup with the other adult. If you just want 2 tanks, then you'll have to rehome sister with a pup. I also agree that you have to keep an eye on the other female as she can be pregnant also.
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