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Gerbli breeding help

I have some pares of gerbils that I got froma lady that was over populated and she siad they were all young and would give me a mt friend all the info but never did. The ones my friends got never breed but the ones I got did.
When I introduced them at the age to the others becuase I decited ot seperate dad so there was no over breeding and introed every one at the corect age every one was fine and there was enough room adn space. A couple days later they killed the babies. Then another breeding with the same female and another the one female ate all her babies and the other ones that came a week later.
After while I gave everyone a breack thinking that they may have been over breed. The one gerbil I have is not from this lady buy she is acting the same way. Her late pup lived and is in with other males and a new male that I got and are doing fine. the one femael that was lashed open is in with a newer female becuase she was lonly and the others poor female is I think to old to breed and is the mother to some of the ones I have. I had gottn soem back from my frined becuase she moved and I had more time for them.
I have read what to feed them and what to do and how long to let them rest before rebreeding and have tryed to hand raise them with no sucess becuase of them eating them. I have tryed every thing on all the gerbil sights of what to do and talked to breeders and they cant finger it out. they have heard of them eating them if sick or abandoning a litter but not feeding them and eating them at the same time. I have given them all the fodos to help produce milk and keep them fit for mother hood.
Could it be that they may be to old and the babies seem fine but are not or they are having them but not producing enought milk or none at all. The one seems to but still eats them. I have stoped breeding with the ones that are giving me problems and plan when the younger ones are ready to try them and 4 of the males are related but younger and 1 is a cousint to in the 4 mix.
I dont think its a related problem but cause the are going back and forth. like one will do it this time one will do it another time.
My mother and I use to raise rabbits adn we would sometimes get one sthat woudl have litter after litter and jsut eat them and other times they would be fine and then after a litter or 2 jsut eat them and this is not continues breeding we spaced it out for them and sometimes waiting longer then normal and got them vet checked and they were healthy and so was the males btu they are acting like our rabits did. They have enough space and I have tryed leaving the male in taking him out leaving her with another female or alone. I'm lost for what to do know.
and one got any sugestions?
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well if a females ahd babies put the mother and babies into another tank because the will get eaten and how many gerbils have you got because it sounds like aot and i dont think you should be breeding in you haven had a lot of experience with gerbils.

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I have about 14 but I ushally take the male out aroudn the time I see mom haveing a tummy and leave her either by her self or put in a female companioin that she gets along with. I have studyed on how to breed them and talked to others who have breed longer then I have but this is strange to them. They say leaveing the father in on the Gerbil club is best becuase he helps raise them. I dont breed them all at once and this is my 1st time breedign after owning them for a while and before I got them I looked them up and asked others who owned and or breed about them. But none of us know what is going on with them. currently non have babies they are gettign prober care and I een cleanthe tank out so its just her smell before she has them and I dotn bother them till thewy have there eyes open and are doing good eating on there own. And I have tryed ot were from brith handle them as in to chekc them out but not pick them up and no matter what same resolts. There is only 4 that have been doing it and the rest have not breed . could it be the male being to old and he is producing something that I can see or tell but the mothers can and she kills them?
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Firstly. You should never remove the male before the birth of the first litter, the father plays an important role in bringing up the pups. You are advised to remove the male before the arrival of the second litter.

Females will not kill and eat their pups unless there are problems. These problems can be genetic. It is best to not continue breeding with any female that kills her pups for no apparent reason.

How long are you giving each female to recover from each pregnancy?

Also, it is a common myth that you shouldn't go anywhere near the pups shortly after birth. Female gerbils are very tolerant of their pups being handled, not that i would recommend any novice gerbil breeder to do so.
I often handle gerbil pups within a few hours after birth so that i can check that they have full tummies.

Are you giving the pregnant and lactating females any additional proteins?
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I left the dad in the 1st time then removed him about a good week or 2 before the next litter. I have tryed 2 femaels that are prego that have them or due around the same time so they can help one another or leave the female pup from the 1st litter in. as in the sencond litter. Every thing was going great with 2 females that had them. Then when it came time to put dad and his pup together for the 2nd litter and leve the mom with 1 pup each a femael ( they lost the others) My white one or cream colored orange mixed in lightly I cant remeber the color coat name Lalose had 3 and lost 2 the nutmeg white markings Celtic Rose has 3 lost 1 Same father nutmeg named Danozo. But after a week in a big enougth plastic bin I made for the breeding birthing moms they attacked and killed all the babies. older and new. Then the father attecked his son. Same day same time like A chain link thing.
I let them rest alost 3 months or a little over 3 months. Is what some sites have said. Or they say leave dad in and take out the other males but I perfur to give the mom a breack.
I had read they dont need much extra like mice, rats, exctra but extra seeds cat food or kitten chow as treat for protine eggs and there was this powed stuff I got from the pet store to put in there water to help but they wouldn't touch the water with that stuff in it, plus other stuff I always weather I know need it or not give all my moms stuff to help them out to be on the same side. The 1st 2 were fine but they eventually killed them the other 1 had 4 and lost them all but one but he didnt make it which I was told mom might not have enought milk for just one and I tryed to feed it kiten formula like they told me to but it was to far gone. I was thinking while the killer mommys take a breack to breed the males that I used with newer femaels or the ones that have not breed I have some I just got and was thinking of takeing them and breeding with the male to see if the new ones do it. The new ones are not related in any way but gotten from a differnt place. I think the lady gave me her older breeders and told me they were young but they weren't and they could be reaching the end of their fertile cicle as they call it or they are way to closely related and inbreed ones thought she told me they werent and gave me papers with writen info on the line. But anyone can make that up or soemthing like that up. I am hoping by breeding my males with the new females and my femlas with the new males as in just do 2 pare to see what happends. This way I can see if its the females them selves or the males or both. which I know that can be a facter in a lot of the killings.
But I want to weigh all my options before I breed any gerbils. I want to make shure I have thougth of every thing I can think of and reavaluate all that I have done and tryted and see if I'm missing somthing before I try this. I was told to breed them with diffrent ones that I know are younger or the newer ones to see ifs the males or females.
I dont really handel them till they are crawling around or have or almost have their eyes open they are quite jumping even slightly touching them. The 1st litter ever I touched but that is becuase me and mommmy Gerbil knew each other well.The others I just lift up the cover of the nest and check to see if they are ok and still have bellys of milk and no missing limbs as that can some times happend.
Then it could be liek what I and my friends have ben thinking that they may be 2 closly related and their is something that is worng with them for doing it and not thinking. Then agian she could of given me her femels that have killed before. I wish I knew or could think back becuase I have been not touching the babies and waiting till older. But I breed 3 month ago and have oen pup bron and it survived. But noe everyone is on hold.
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gerbil breeding

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