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Hairless hamster

I have a some questions about the hairless hamster.......I got one for my girls today LOL and I wanted to know what kind of bedding to use in there cage the pet store said to use pine when I asked what they had her in. I would think that would irritate her skin after awhile since they had just gotten them in yesterday and didn't even know how old they were the poor girl even had scratches all over her from the other hamster.
Another thing does there skin need to be oiled or something put on them? The store did not know anything about them they were sooo helpfull
Any pointers or good websites would be very helpful.
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Hmmm...I don't know too much about hairless Hamsters...but you definitely should not use pine bedding for any hamster. I suggest Carefresh. It is a recycled paper product that is quite safe for them.
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With a hairless hamster you need to keep them in a tank for their own safety. I would not use any wood product as even aspen can cause irritation. A nice paper product such as Carefresh or yesterdays news with plenty of soft bedding to keep her warm should suffice. Pine should never be used for any animal. Some say kiln dried pine is safe but recenty studies have proven otherwise.

You do not need to put anything on their skin. They usually do just fine. One thing you do need to do though is up the protein content in her food as all hairless animals use more body protein fuel trying to keep themselves warm. I would suggest a few good quality puppy kibbles in the cage a week for the extra protein. Not too many, just about three or four, or one a day should suffice. I've seen several hairless hamsters not given the extra protein become very sickly.

I do the same thing for my hairless rats as well, and it's worked wonders and also keeps their skin supple and doesn't dry them out.
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Has anybody tried using vellux liners with hairless hamsters like people use with their hedgehogs? I have been considering doing so with my Skinny Pig. I have carefresh in their at the moment, but I just don't like it. It looks so errrrr and the texture just isn't very nice. If you litter trained them and used carefresh or yesterday's news etc in the litter area and then cut up a vellux blanket for liners for the base of the cage. Do you think that would work?

Vellux does not have lose threads and so should not unravel. The only problem would be if they really started digging at it.

Just a thought
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I don't see why not, as long as they are kept warm. You can litter train guinea pigs. Have you tried the Carefresh Ultra? It smells a lot better, is softer, less dusty and looks prettier.
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I got the carefresh and I bought her a comfert wheel I just had to laugh because when I put the care fresh in she started tunneling under it LOL I have also noticied her drinking ALOT of water is that normal or is she missing something?
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I never hear anyone mention aspen litter. Is that good for them? All i hear is that carefresh is good, pine and cedar are bad.
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Hey thats a good question because I use Aspen but since the hairless hamster who now has a name LOL Princess (daughters named her LOL) I am going to use that in my other two cages to see how the rats and my other hamster like it
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I believe they are wrong... You can use carefresh breeder. It was good health then wood or pine...
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Originally Posted by Amber Rats
I believe they are wrong... You can use carefresh breeder. It was good health then wood or pine...
What exactly do you mean? We mentioned Carefresh was a good bedding and to NOT use pine or cedar. Aspen shavings are fine too, but with a hairless pet the wood shavings could irritate him a little.

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