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Hamster care,Bedding and Food

Hamster Bedding:The Good & Deadly kinds
Bedding is a very important issue as well.Cedar bedding can cause upper respiratory problems in your hamster and should be avoided.It is hard to get petshops to stop using it and to quit selling to hamster owners.There are several good beddings on the market.Carefresh and aspen are very good.I was in a petshop the other day.There was a lady buying bedding for her hamster.The owner said she could use cedar it was cheaper.He walked away for a minute and I told her that was not good and what will happen.I also told her that I have read up on it in the AHA & CHA have said it could kill your hamster she was shocked because she didn't know.I told her aspen was good and I picked up a bag of carefresh and told her this was good.The owner was really mad at me and told his wife he had never heard such a thing about cedar being bad they have used it off and on for years and never had any trouble.(my daughter had heard them and told me after we left the store)I tell these people all the time and they say well we sell them so fast it really shouldn't matter they just won't listen.I have made several shops alittle mad for what I have to say.LOL I just wish there was a law that made some of these idiot take classes or make it mandatory they know more about hamster for the sake of their well-being.What really made me upset with the peticular owner was the carefresh I was telling to buy was $4.50 for a bag of it.It would boost their sales if they would sell them the good stuff.

I have heard that it was questionable but have not found anything so far on it.I usually use aspen bedding.I came across this Brand called American choice its Natural Pine Bedding.This is what the package says.Kiln dried for max absorbency,multiscreened to remove irritating dust,ensure that they are dried purified and multiscreened to be the most absorbent and dust free bedding material available.It is made by American Wood Fibres Inc in Columbia Maryland.I bought it to line bottom of chin cages and it is dust free.I put it in my hamster tanks and it is the softess bedding I have found.They love it.When I put it in there it was so fluffy they can burrow down in it and I have only found a few pieces of hard wood in it.I am still trying to find out more about it.
Other good reliable beddings:

Hamster Food
There are many types of food and treats on the market for Hamsters:
I have found that my hamsters would rather have a piece of dog biscuit for a chew instead of chew sticks
The kind of dog biscuits I use is Ol'Roy brand the multiflavored it has meat,milk,cheese,liver flavored biscuits. They also gives them nutrients as well as helping with their teeth.
Mine also loves carrots and broccoli.They love broccoli the best.
I also use vitamin drops in there water.I also mix my own feed with a commercial feed.AS well as cat chow & dog chow in there mix.It is better to get 2 mixes and mix together to feed in case they discontinue one certain brand.
I find with any hamster mix it is best to store in freezer for 24 -48 hours as bugs can be in any mix you buy.
Other things that are good for them is a little wheat germ sprinkled over their mix.
Other grains Fruits and Veggies that are good in moderation of course.
1. Grains:dry rice,rolled oats,pasta.
2. Seeds:watermeelon,Squash,pumpkin,sesameseeds,
3. Nuts:roasted-uns alted peanuts.
4. You can also feed them lab blocks as part of there diet.
5. Some of these I have not tried yet but are suppose to be good are:green beans,spinach,celery.
6. Fruits: I dehydrate apples for my chinchillas but my hamsters love them as well.I also dehydrate bananas for chips for them.
7. You can also feed them tofu,steamed chicken,scrambled eggs or the white of boiled eggs.
8.They also enjoy popcorn once in awhile.Sometimes I will give mine some shredded wheat.
I have heard lettuce is not good for them.
AS with any animal the change should be gradual and stopped at any signs of loose stools.I will be adding more as I can.If anyone else has any thing to add please feel free to post it here.I am still learning you can never learn too much on any of your pets.

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Snugger enjoys carrots and celery. She also like a small dab of cottage cheese, as a special treat here and there. Popcorn gives her loose stole.Yuck!
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Mine like Broccoli and carrots,They like the rice,rolled oats and pasta
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Sorry Christi I forgot to say thank you very much for posting this here.You are doing a fantastic job getting this back together.
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Thank you for all the helpful information.

dog biscuits, dried pine, hamster food, kiln dried, kiln dried pine, lab block, lab blocks, pine bedding, rolled oats, shredded wheat

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