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Hamster question

I was thing about getting a hamster. I was looking at all the different ones. In your opinion what kind of hamsters are more easy going or friendly?
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And here I am again, showing my butt!
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Hmmmm...let's see. The Syrians tend to be kinda mean. I've only had the goldens and I find them to be charming, loving and sweet. Whatever you get, I'm sure it will love you and be a warm little fuzzball!!
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I think the trick is to get it young, and tame it properly.

I used to have a long haired syrian. He was the sweetest little guy! I miss him.
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I've had hamsters for a great many years, all species and find them adorable, sweet and endearing. From reading your post, I would suggest a Syrian hamster (any colour, they're all Syrians) male or female. Hamsters are mean if you don't treat them right, this goes for most animals -- I've never had a mean hamster; illness, pain and so on can cause a hamster to bite.

I also suggest that you read up on how to care for a hamster. Check out which cage is best; toys, wheel, food and bedding and so forth before you take the plunge.

Ring round animal shelters, see if they have any hamsters looking for homes, visit and get to know them. You could try http://www.petfinder.com

If you're not thinking of adopting one from a shelter, I suggest a recommened, respected hamster breeder.

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Wendy thanks. I got it all covered. Although yesterday we did go looking at pet stores. Unfortunately the one my daughter fell in love with had wet tail. So she picked another one and it was vicious. We gave up came home and found a breeder lol. We will now going to the breeders house this week and he is going to help my daughter pick the right one for her.
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Is she picking a syrians? i think it is all in YOU and YOUR personality. I had 2 dwarfs that i did not get along with, my sister had them doing circus tricks practically! My 2 syrians that I have been, once tamed have been sweethearts!
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Ok we now have a black bear hamster. She is a little scared so we will give her a couple days to adjust. My daughter has her cage all set up and is so happy. I hope this lasts more then a week.
Don't take that as a bad comment I am more then willing to take care of the little girl.
I have her on Lab blocks right now. The only thing I am unsure is this a ok food. All the hamster food at the store was full of sunflower seeds. I would think they are two fatting. What do you guys feed your hamsters?
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i've never heard of that brand before. I use a brand called Brown's Fruit Banquet. It has a good mix of dried fruit, seeds and flavored "nuggets" for lack of a better word. Lightfoot eats it right up and it is probably the best brand I have ever seen around here. I supplement her diet with frest fruits and veggies, as well as some treats. I have some wafer things she particularly likes. And I have carrot cubes and vegetarian dog biscuts that I give her for her teeth.
As for there being a lot of sunflower seeds, as long as that isn't the only thing she's eating it should be ok.
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My daughter has a black bear hamster that is very sweet!

I'm not sure of the brand of food she buys but it has all the things that dragonmaster mentioned.
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I get a loose mix at the pet store and give fruits and veggies as well. I know of others that used lab blocks, i thought those were just to gnaw on, i didn't know they could be the whole meal for them!
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Congratulations on your new Syrian hamster, good choice and I'm sure will bring you heaps of enjoyment.

Can you get 'Harry Hamsters' dry mix? It is a vailable in the US and I'm sure online too (Petsmart), this isn't a bad mix, it does have sunflower seeds in it but that's ok, it's a complete balanced food mix for hamsters. Lab blocks are boring in my opinion.

Stay away from feeding crappy treats that you can buy in pet stores, too sweet, too sticky, to fattening..unhealthy. Feed small amount of fresh raw veggies..start slowly as not to give hamster tummy upset. Carrot, peas, green beans, broccoli, cabbage etc. Fruit can be given but feed few and far between..teeny amounts as an occasional treat: apple, pear, melon, peach..making sure you discard stones and pips etc. Offer nice hard healthy dog biscuit every so often, great for teeth and provides activity in your hamsters routine.

Take your time with your new Syrian, be patient and you will be well rewarded..there is no such thing as a vicious hamster, just a bad human who either created a bad tempered and frightened hamster or a human has an ill hamster.

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Congrats on the new hammy!! Now we want pictures!!
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Congrats on your new hammie. We recently got our 11 year old daughter 2 black bear hamsters. They are the sweetest of all of her hammies. Easily tamed and love to be held.
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Congrats on your new hammie!! Here is a link to a web site I found useful when I bought Cheddar.


Also Cheddar was a baby when I got her and wasnt used to being handled. Jodi advised me to take her out everyday and handle her only if it was just for a few minutes. She did bite me twice but that was only because she was scared. So dont get discouraged if she does bite. Also make sure you wash your hands before you handle her. They tend to bite if they smell food on your hands. After a couple of weeks she adjusted and is a very sweet hamster.
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I did not lisen to not holding her for three days. Last night she was just too cute. We waited till she woke up on her own and she was soooo sweet. She did not bite even once. Pics to come tonight hopefully.
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