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hamsters fighting

We just recently bought 2 hamsters a couple weeks ago and were told they are brothers. they scoffle around all happy like until this morn... One attacked the other pretty badly, the victoms eye was nearly scratched out. Were taking him to the vet. i was wondering if a second cage should be bought or can they still be together? They both have alot of room to roam and alot of food so im not sure if it was a territorial or food issue..... but one was deffinatly acttacking and the other was just trying to get away... any suggestions?
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Hello bizzy,It's very good that you got 2 new furry friends, you can search around the site for more info about the cute hamsters.Firstly,if they are Syrian hamsters (they are the biggest of hamster species) you must separate them immediately because they can only live alone, either they come from the same family or they are together since they borned.Its better for them to be kept alone.Now, if they are dwarf hamsters you should better buy a new cage and separate them for about 1 week and then get them to know eachother eventually,if they are fine again then you can connect the new cage with the previous one with a tube.But,if they keep on fighting then you should separate them for ever.

Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
They both have alot of room to roam
No space is "a lot" for a domesticated animal.

I hope I helped you
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Syrian hamsters (also known as Teddy Bear hamsters, Golden hamsters, Black Bear hamsters, Panda Bear hamsters, etc.) absolutely need to live alone as the above poster said. So if yours are Syrians, they shouldn't have been together in the first place--they will often fight to the death .

If yours are dwarf hamsters they can technically live together but you need to be careful. If I were you, I would separate them to be on the safe side. The fact that they're already fighting so soon is concerning. While dwarf hamsters can live in pairs, they don't have to. Many males actually prefer to live alone. You could try introducing them one more time in neutral territory but be prepared to have to buy a second cage.

Good luck!


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Thanks for getting back to me. I forgot what type of hamsters they are but gonna keep them seperate now reguardless lol. I just automaticly thought they could coexsist together because they were in the same cage at the petstore where we bought them from. I guess that's just a hamsters owner rookie mistake lol gotta question though, can a hamster drink from a little bowl or does only drink from the bottle thingy?
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Water bottles are generally the more sanitary method. I'm sure hamsters can drink out of a water bowl just fine. But they could also soil it very easily. Water bottles are more sanitary than a water bowl.

Syrians are larger. Dwarves are...well, smaller.
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fighting, hamsters

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