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Exclamation Help

i went to the pet shop to buy 2 gerbils, but there was 3 in the cage and we coulnt leave the little white one on its own so we bought all 3.

well one died (freddie) and the other two (Alfie and Rooney) were left, well rooney was clearly the weaker gerbil, reluctant to attemt the tunnels etc and Alfie was the dominent one. well they all got on fine at the start when there was 3 but when freddie died they were ok then a week or lesss later i checked on them and roooney was terrified his tail had been bitten and he had some marks, alfie had a red eye so they had clearly been in a fight, i sepateted them immediatly and then attempted to reunite a few minutes later, well, rooney jumped clean into the air into my hands again i tried to lift alfie but i could barely hold him becauese he kept biting me. i would like to try again a few months on what should i do?
they seem to be ok on there own but i would prefare them to be togeher and rooney seems a bit down at the minute any advise?
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Sorry to hear of your loss. By the sounds of it freddie was the alpha male and when he died, the other two had to figure out who was going to be boss next.
Usually once gerbils have spilt blood with one another, they cannot be bonded. I say usually b/c I've heard of others being able to reunite a pair that had fought, though it's not common.
Give them time to heal (month or so), and to forget about one another. And then you can try a split cage introduction meathod.
Split cage introductions can take weeks to months, so it will take some paitiance.

Another reason gerbil will de-clan and fight is if they have to much space, or to many toys in their habitat. They will start with claiming certain things/spaces as their own, and then the de-clanning and fighting starts.

Don't feel bad if they can't get along, like people we all have different personalities and we arn't going to like everyone out there. Also some gerbils actually perfer to be alone, I have 1 female who hates gerbils.
Another solution is getting two 5-7 week old males from a local breeder and split cage introducing them to each male. Split caging with a pup to an adult works much better then adult to adult.
But be prepared to have to hosue the gerbils sepretly if not all works out.

Good Luck!
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thank you
i will try those methods and see how it works!
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Thanks very much i will try this method and may have to buy 2 more, it would be a good excuse anyway!!!
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i put them in a large plastic box with a divider they were both curious and snoffing at each other and seemed desperate to get at each other they were sniffing each others nose and then rooney seemed unconcerned and groomed in the corner, they also wanted to get out of the box is that usual? are they supposedd to act this way
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Yup, very usual.
Wanting to figure out who's on the other side, then try to attack who's on the otherside, then give up adn do they own things is what happends most of the time.
Here a link to Split Cage Introductions
AGS Split Cage Method
NGS Split Cage Intro
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Sorry about Freddie and good luck with the two gerbs you have now.

I only ever had one gerb, which is my current girl, Ember.When I got her, I thought gerbils were solitary, like hammies...boy was I wrong.However I have had Ember alone now almost 3 yrs and she is doing greyt!

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thanks v much dats gd to hear bout ember maybe theres hope
those site r very good thanks
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I just did a split cage and it took a month I first tried to get them together after two weeks but nope wasn't ready the older one chased the younger and he ended up jumping out the walk a bout, so I put them back and waited two more weeks putting bedding from each ones side, and switching them to the other side as well. Then last week put them back into the walk a bout and this time they new each other but still kinda timid, I left them in there for an hour to make sure Uno the older one didn't chase Braveheart with his tail standing straight up, he did chase him but not aggressively this time. But any way after an hour I removed the devider and and put them in the tank all was fine, until they started fighting over the wheel, so I took it out. They were first sleeping one in each corner but later on they were sleeping together. After I knew they would be ok I gave them back thier wheel a few days later. I also had two brothers which one was being mean had the one backed into a corner picking on him, and he was crying, I waited to see what was going on and then decided I had to take Giacomo out of the tank and put him in a cage, this is cute because they were both scared without each other it seemed to me, especially Giacomo, because he was in a strange place now, he was scared. I told him it was his own fault that he was there because he was being mean, So about a half hour I put him back in and waited to see what they were going to do, Jack ran up to him and was smelling him everywhere and it looked like they had missed each other I waited a little longer and everything was fine and still is, but I still keep a watch over them just in case
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