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I had to return Drew

I bought Drew about a week ago for my gerbil Dora, who will be 3 this May, and her sister Lizzie Beth had passed away, and I didn't want Dora to get depressed and lose the will to live herself. I decided to slowly introduce her to a boy gerbil since females and males are easier to introduce, and since she is older and would probably be stuborn w/another female, and she is too old to have babies.

I put a metal wired cage in Dora's 30 gallon tank. At first they tried biting at each other threw the bars, so I replaced the metal cage with a plastic carrier case. A few days went by and they seemed interested in each other, Drew would sleep by Dora outside the plastic containor and visa versa, so I decided to try the metal cage again to see how they would react to each other.

They seemed to get along really well. Sniffing at each other through the bars, and Dora was flirting with Drew acting like a little young school girl. I have introduced many gerbils before and I had a good feeling about this, so I decided I would introduce them the following night.

Dora layed on her stomach, and Drew started grooming her, all seemed to be fine, then he suddenly started viciously attacking her. It took me about 2 minutes to break the fight up. Dora had alot of blood on her, and after examing Drew he had nothing on him except Dora's blood.

I have heard from gerbil breeders that once they draw blood the gerbils can never get along, so I didn't want to give them more time with the split caging, and didn't want to take the chance of Dora getting hurt again.

I returned Drew to the pet store. I just told the petstore to take him back because I didn't have a receipt. They were really rude to me at first, and aquasatory with me w/what I did to Drew, not even concerned with happened to Dora at all. They finally agreed to take him back.

I believe everthing happens for a reason. I think one, Dora and I bonded more during this experience. And two, I think she is happy living alone now after what Drew did to her.

She is doing really good, I was really upset w/what Drew did to her. But I cleaned her up with water peroxide solution, and I realized the wounds were not that deep, and are healing nicely now. I am so happy she is ok, and so mad that this has happened to her.

I have introduced many gerbils before, and I have never had this happen before.
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wow I don't know why that would happen unless Dora is too old to have the hormone anymore that draws them together. I don't know why the male would do that. I am glad you were able to take him back though and your gerbil is ok
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Sorry you had to return him. Its good that you did what is best for Dora though. Maybe you can bond more now that she is alone.
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if you have any other you might put Dora with them, you can try....
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Deanna, that is really interesting about her hormones, I wouldn't of thought of that. My boyfriend and I thought he just didn't like her because she was too old or something, she seemed to like him before they fought.

She is really happy now. She runs on her wheel, she chews her cardbord and she eats and drinks her water. I have seen depressed gerbils who where by themselves and they had no interest in doing anything, and just slept all day. I am just happy that she is still interested in her normal gerbil things.

I did have a gerbil once that was around 2.5 years old, I got her from a shelter so I didn't know her exact age, but a breeder tried breeding her so she could live w/ a daughter, they did mate but she didn't have babies, so the breeder estimated her age. Anyway, I did put her with a younger gerbil, but not as young as Drew. He was probably over 1 years old.

But who knows.

I am thinking of turning that petstore into the better business thought. They were really rude and offensive to me, and they are the same petstore that sold me Arabella who got wettail, and they sold her to me knowing fully that other hamsters around her had wettail, they told me that. It was just a bad week, people in my family was sick and in the hospital, and we didn't really have time to drive across the state to other nearest petstore, and we wanted to find her a mate fast.

I will never now go to that petstore again. After I got Arabella, I still bought mite spray from them because they are the only ones that carry it around here. I will now order it online, it is well worth the shipping and handling for not dealing with those people at that awful petstore.
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I am sorry that it never worked out.But as long as Dora still seems happy.Thats like my gerbil, she may live alone, but is quite content and likes doing gerbily things!

That pet store do not sound reputable and I would definatly avoid them in the future!

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We are going to drive to Tulsa again next time we get any new pets. We bought Piper (female hamster) there over a month ago, and she is turning out to be such a sweetie and she is very healty too. Arabella on the other hand I can tell is not the healthiest hamster we got her from the above petstore. Even though we knipped the wettail in the bud several months ago, at times she sleeps alot and is not as active. I told my boyfriend I have a feeling she is not going to have a very long life, but I am happy to have her as long as she is with us, and I would never replace her, she is such a sweetie too.
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pet store

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