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About 3 days ago, I was cleaning cages and to my surprise, I found a mess of Gerbil babies. They are really cute and I love them to death, but I'm not very knowlageable. I was just wondering if anyone knew when it was "safe" to start handling them?
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Well you will want to keep the tank pretty much the same for Momma gerbil, so she dosn't fuss over any changes.
Take out any wheels, or heavy things the babies could get caught or squished by (wheels etc.).
Now, you will have another litter in about 28 days or so, because Mom & Dad gerbil breed as soon as the last pup is born.
It's good to keep a log of the babies, wrtie down how many, what sexes they are & colours. This way you can keep track.
When the male pups are 5 weeks old (can be a 'bit earlier if you think momma gerbisl ready to pop), put Dad & the boys in another tank, this way when litter #2 comes you won't have a litter #3,4,5 and so on.
Also add some extra protine to moms diet cat/kitten food works well, even some extra peanuts or mlk powder sprinked on their food.

AGS Breeding Info

NGS Raising Baby Gerbils

NGS Sexign Gerbils

Good Luck!
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Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. If anyone else has experiance with Gerbil babies then I'd appreciate all the advice I can get... Oh, and I have another Female Gerbil, when the babies get old enough to be seperated from mom can I introduce her back into the same cage or no?
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It would be easier to intro a female baby in a split cage introduction with the lone female. It would take less time to do it that way then try a split cage intro with two adults. It 'can' be done but pup to adult intros are just easier.
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kitten food, split cage

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