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Question Potentially ill Russian Dwarf Hamster

Hi ,

I'm new to this forum and am looking for a bit of advise please. Around a year ago i adopted 2 baby Russian Dwarf Hamsters off of my brother.

They have always lived together in 2 cages attached via tubes and i've never had any issues. 1 has always been slightly fatter than the other, but its never been a concern.

However, in recent weeks the smaller one has started to look like she is losing weight, with her backbone starting to show slightly towards her rear end. So today i thought i'd better separate them for a while, just in case the larger of the 2 is stopping her eating.

I am also quite concerned as she (the smaller one) appears to have developed a darker stripe and shorter fur across the very base of her back. I don't have a clue what this is or how it has developed and was wondering if anyone could offer some advise?

Also a bit concerned about how being separated is going to affect them as they've never lived apart before.

Does anyone know anything about Dwarf Hami's or could offer some advise?!?!

Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading.

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if youre worryd about them beeing seperate then maybe keep them together but sperate just for feeding(multiple times a day until she gain more wieght) or put the cage direktly tuching eachother.

i have no idea about the stripe, if you post a pic maybe somone will be able to know what it is. sorry i cant be of more help but hope shes ok.
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As hamsters get older, they may grow quite obese, or rather skinny and scrawny. Providing the are healthy, eat and drik properly, there is no need for concern. I would observe them at eating time, to see if the thinner one may be prevented from feeding. An answer to this would be a second bowl. You may try to feed her manually for a while. Just small amount... If you have a pair of reasonably accurate kitchen scales, weigh and record her weight, twice a week, say...
No idea abou the stripe, though
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