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Red Streak/Tear on Gerbil?

Hi all!

I just noticed that one of my gerbils has a long red streak going down from his eye and I remembered that gerbils are supposed to have red "tears" as opposed to clear. But I wanted to make sure that was correct?

My other question is: he has never had tears before. Is there something that would cause this from any outside factors? We have a very quiet household and we can't see what would stress him. I plan to call my vet in the morning, but in the meantime is there any advice about what we can or should do right away?

Thank you!
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The "red tears" are porfirin, a substance that looks similar to blood and they usually secrete when they have an allergy or an respiratory infection. Has there been a change in the bedding you usually use? Bedding is the primary cause of allergies in gerbils. They rarely are allergic to corncob, so you can try switching to that, or to unscented tissue. Once the allergy is gone, you can try another type of bedding you like better to see if they tolerate it. I suggest that you still call the vet to see what his opinion is, but still changing the bedding in these cases if usually the best idea.
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Hi Padfoot,
Thanks for the reply!
No, they have not had any changes in their bedding, I always use the same bedding for them (Carefresh, the brown non dyed stuff) and they have always been happy with it, with no problems..but I did add some timothy hay for a treat the other day..they have had it before though, so I am not sure. His eye looks better already but I will call the vet in the morning just to make sure.
I hope he will be was so scary to see that red streak.
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respiratory infection, timothy hay

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