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Question Sick Gerbils

Well I had some youngins get sick and was wondering if anyone may know what it was..

The youngins were about 1 month old. Then I noticed their eyes were red poofy and barely able to open them.. then the next thing I noticed is patches of lost hair (actually there was still hair, but really thin in the patches) predominatly in the hind quarters..

They are better now, yet thin haired areas still exist (but may take time to grow back)..

Daddy Gerbil was 2 yrs old, and at the time was vomiting and drooling.. or possibly convulsions, due to fact he didnt respond to stimula during these episodes.. I seperated him and he died shortly after that..

Any insight on this would be appreciated..

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Sounds like poisoning.
Sometimes people have things like this happen if they use a harsh cleaner to wash the tank out, and there is residue left over. Or it could be a contaminated toy/food/area of the house you may have let them play.
That's about my guess on it at least.

In any case liek this, the best thing to do it contact your family Vet and have them look over the animals just in case this was something more serious.

Hope they keep healthy and there fur grows back with time.
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Hmm, I just read a post where some feed their gerbils crickets. Well I had purchased a large bag of shelled walnuts for my gerbils (for a treat) about a year ago.. recently I noticed that over time the walnuts had gotten some bugs in it (some tiny beetle looking things). Well of course I threw out the walnuts, but wonder how many of the lil buggers the gerbils may have eaten before I noticed and if this could possibly what poisened them/ made em sick..

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I wouldn't think a bug would do it to them, being they do eat bugs (Crickets, meal worms etc.) But if the meat in the walnut had gone bad that could have been a problem.
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I think I read some where that wallnuts are bad for gerbils, because the shell is poisoness, and if any of the shell residue is in them and can be lethal.

The part with the eyes being closed, this mite by a respitory problem, which young gerbil pups can get. I forget what the medicine is called, but you put it in there water bottle, it comes in tablets and you break the tablets into 4 pieces, 1 piece you smash up and dilute it in the water bottle. But I would get a vets advice before you begin any treatment.
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The medication you are refuring to is called Ornacycline, it's a antibiotic for birds, that can be picked up at a pet store and used for gerbils.
As for the Walnuts, yes the shells of walnuts are actually poisionis to many animals including dogs and horses.
I feed walnuts to my gerbils, but only allready opened ones, just the meat part.
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meal worms, pet store

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