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Sick Hammy!

I have a female russian hamster who I've had for about 5 months now. Just lately she's been acting weird.... last night she was frantically pawing at her cage walls and jumping up, as if she was trying to escape her cage. (Although she is active at night, she is never crazy at all like this). She has also for the most part stopped eating and drinking. I tried hand feeding her some seeds, and she just shoved them in her cheeks, when usually she'll eat them as soon as i give them to her. To get her to eat I also put out her treat stick,which she nibbled a little but didn't really eat. The only things I can think of that may have caused her stress would be a new cage toy and that just a few days ago, i held her outside her cage for the first time in a few weeks, which she seemed a little anxious/excited about. She is normally a very good eater/drinker so this concerns me. It does not appear as if she's lost weight yet, but she has a lot of fur so it's hard to tell. Does anyone know what's wrong with her? Thanks
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She is getting worse and now she won't even nibble on her treat stick and she won't touch any food I give her. Help!
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What kind of cage is she in? Glass, plastic, wire, or wire and plastic? What I've found with my hamsters is they got seriously stressed when they were in any type of wire cages. They felt insecure, and made themselves sick with stress.
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Maby the toy has something in it that made her sick?
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She is in a glass 10 gallon aquarium, no wires or anything. The toy is a grass ball; she didn't eat any of the grass off of it, but I will take it out of her cage to be sure. I tried buying her some new food and now she is eating a little more (thank goodness!!!), but she is still not drinking. How can I get her to drink?
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hamster, sick

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