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supplies for a new hamster

I might be getting a hamster tomorrow, if all goes well. He's a long-haired syrian, dominant spotted, I guess. he'll be coming with all of his supplies, cage and everything, although I will probably replace them all slowly, I don't want to change everything all at once. I will be feeding him a home-made mix, the same thing I feed to my mice, Suebee's diet, from I use carefresh bedding for the mice, and plan on using it with him, too. He will need a wheel, food dish, water bottle, the basics. He should have a covered hideout, right? like one of those plastic igloos, or wood boxes, or coconut shells, etc. A dust bath would be good, and a litter box, if he's not already trained, I will have to learn how to do that, too. I think hamsters are adorable, and smart, and I am so excited about getting one. I've got lots of preparing to do! any suggestions on things I need?

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i've never heard of a litter trained hamster! i can't wait to see!

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Looks like you have everything covered. Oh, some dog milkbones are good for their teeth! And for the wheel, make sure it's not a rung one, a solid wheel is much safer for their feet. I don't know about that food mix, but I hope it's good. Best of luck!
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Hi... The link below should provide you with all the information you may need. There is even an article on how to potty train your hamster. So perhaps 'Mulder' will have a peek..:-)
It is suggested that you should clean the cage once a week and the 'house' once a month. I follow this and have had no problems with my 2 male RWWs. Always keep a handful of the old bedding to sprinkle over the new floor, to make them familiar with the smell. Also their house. You will find that it is spotless!! Full of bedding and chewed up kitchen roll paper, in my case. Again, clean it as INFREQUENTLY as possible, as they like it as it is. Again, keep some of the old bedding, including the chewed up paper. to sprinkle over the new floor...When done, just leave few torn up pieces of kitchen roll paper outside his house and he will make himself comfortable.. Fun to watch, as he gets on with the task..:-))

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carefresh bedding, dust bath, litter box, litter train, litter trained, potty train

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