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Update with my pets..

Both Piper and Arabella are doing great. For two weeks I gave Piper and Arabella wet tell medicine, since Piper was a newbie, I didn't want Arabella to get sick if Piper got sick.

Piper has learned that if she bangs her run about ball really hard the lid will come out and she can escape. She has escaped this way a few times, but now I am putting tape on the ball so she can't do this.

Me and Arabella are getting closer, she is a very sweet hamster now, very full of personality. And Piper will let me pick her up now but that is it, I know in time her and I will get closer and it just needs time.

Lizzie Beth my gerbil, just died today of old age, she has been slowly dying the last few weeks. But before this happened she had her last whorah. One day when she was in her pet carrier as I was cleaning her and Dora's tank, she got the lid off and managed to escape and have free roam of my house for awhile. The funny thing was that Dora just stayed in the containor and chewed on the lid cover, while Lizzie Beth had an adventour. I just called her name when I realized she had escaped and she came out from hiding and I was able to get her back in her tank.

My boyfriend and I decided to buy a boy gerbil, so Dora could have companionship, because I told him that they sometimes get depressed living alone and sometimes die from that. The reason I got a boy is because she is almost 3 years old and too old to have babies, and puting male and female gerbils together is very easy in my experience.

We had also bought a small metal cage to put inside Dora's 30 gallon tank, so I could do the split cage method that way. Well earlier Dora was trying to bite Drew threw the bars, and he was screaming. I told my boyfriend I have never had this problem before and have done this method before and this has never happened. So now I am using a plastic carrying case so this won't happening, and keeping a close eye on them to make sure they do not chew on it and escape and hurt each other. I told my boyfriend it will probably take some time but they will probably eventually like each other. I usually in the past would take me less than a week to introduce a male female pare. But I am thinking that she is sad about her sister and probably resents Drew right now, so it will probably take a couple of weeks before I can introduce them.

Also, I had to get rid of my cats, but that is in another thread. I am very sad about this, but it is beyond my control.
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well at least Dora has a new friend to keep her company
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I figure for now she can be less depressed because she is probably too annoyned w/Drew. She is calming down to it some though.
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split cage, split cage method

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