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Upset Gerbil Owner

Please don't yell at me, as I'm quite upset about this.

I have always grown up with gerbils, but all which lived alone. I have currently had 3, bought together, for a few months now. Love them!

I work at a pet store, small animal worker so I take care of everything. Well, we resently got a new Assisant Manager. We had 2 gerbils left for an order the week before and the Manager went ahead and ordered more. Well, the other new Manager said we can't put them together, looking as they are the same age I didn't see a problem. So we got 7 in so I went ahead and took the left over 2 to the back. 3 weeks later which is now we have 3 left up front now. I thought, ya know what this poor gerbils are never going to get a home back here. So I took them and introduced. I never done this with gerbils though. I worked 8 hours that day and seen NO aggression at all. Even the closing people said they were fine. The 2 were females and the 3 were female and 2 males. Well, I came in at 8am this morning to feed everyone and the 3 were dead. I am SO upset by this. I am not "supose to take my work serious", but I did cry. It is all my fault and was told not to. I just wanted them to find homes. The poor 3 are now dead. One was orange just molting to nutmeg and I carried her around while working sometimes and just like that she had gashes laying there gone. I can't beileve it. Why did this happen? They were all around the same size. I gave them good food, water, wheel, and some cardboard tubes. They seemed fine.

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They were esstablished clans, plus of different sexes, it just dosn't work that way with gerbils.
A very hard lesson to learn, I'm sorry that it happend that way.

Introductions between clans cannot work out intro's with one gerbil to another can, even 'sometimes' one lonley gerbil to a pair of young pups. But never groups, they feel they have to fight for there territory, and new strangers are the enemy.
If this group didn't fight right away, I would asume the fighting occured because of the two sexes in the tank. You can house 2 males with one female sometimes, but never 2 females with a single male.
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I know you could do intros, but didn't know you cuoldn't when they are grouped. It really sucks. I feel so bad for it. And the ones I added killed the ones that were in there and they home. You would think it would be the other way around.
Thank you for clearing some of it up though.
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<hugs> Accidents happen. But now you do know, and can make sure no one makes the same mistake you have.
I remember with my very first gerbil, she jumped out of her tank (b/c i didn't have a proper lid) and I tryed to catch her, when i went to grab her she squished through my hands and i got the end of her tail, well it came off in my hand
I was so upset, i called the vet crying my eyes out. the gerbil was fine, I had the exposed end amputated.
It was an accident, but I learned from it, and now can tell others so they don't have to learn the same way I did.
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Never intro one to a bonded pair.

Never intro a pair to another pair.

Also, if you have four and if the dominant gerbil dies, be aware the survivors might fight for dominance even if siblings who have gotten along for two years.

Once fighting starts separate at once - and permanently!

We all learn as we gain experience. Spread the word about all this.

BTW, avoid scent masking during intros as once the scent wears off they might fight, even days later. Use a split screen.
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I don't know anything about Gerbils.

But as people have said, it is a lesson learned. Don't be too upset with yourself because you did it with the best of intentions and from a good heart.

The same thing would have happened in the wild I guess. Just chalk it up to experience and move on
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