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Will there come a time when I stop worring?

In other threads I discussed how I bought Arabella at a petstore almost a month ago, and shortly after she came down with wetail. Being that it was after Christmas I didn't have much money, so I couldn't get her to the vet, and a few years ago I treated a hamster with wet tail and got her to the vet and she died anyway because I know the virus is very serious and deadly.

I was giving wetail drops from the petstore, they basically lied to me and told me it had antibiotics in it, I knew this to be a lie, and have read on numourous website that this stuff only masks the illness and is not powerful to rid of it. But I am a very passive person and did not feel like getting into an argument with the petstore clerk.

I decided to just give her some in her waterbottle just to relieve some of her pain, because I figured she would not make it that long, and I wanted her to be comfortable as possible. I figured since she wasn't drinking much water, I would give her double or triple the dosage so she would atleast get close to what she is supposed to have. I knew there would be a chance that this might harm her or cause her to die, but I figured she was suffering at the time and she would be at peace. I really didn't expect her to live as long as she has.

The last week or two has been great, the wettail has gone away, her bottom all cleared up, I have been so exstatic about this. When she was sick it really weighted me down, I was so depressed and felt so bad that this poor little hamster was so sick. But she was getting better.

The past weekend I was looking online to buy her a new bigger cage and a run about ball. I was frustrated earlier today when I lost a really good bid on E-Bay.

This is going to sound weird, but I feel stuff sometimes, I sense things. The day before she came down with the wettail, I sensed something was really wrong with her, I felt something wasn't right, and I was very worried and kept checking her. I have this feeling again, and she is not as active just like before when she came down with it, and her ears are droppy, and she is pooping alot (but somewhat solid).

I decided I am not going to buy her another cage, and save my money just in case I do need to get her to the vet. Am I being paronoid, I wonder if anyone knows anyone who had a hamster and how long did it take the hamster to fully recover? Am I going to have to go through this through the rest of her life, her start to get better and I really get my hopes up, and then she gets sick again?

I care so deeply for her and wonder where there be a time when I can breath a sigh of relief and not worry about her getting sick?
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>> The last week or two has been great, the wettail has gone away, her bottom all cleared up <<

So looks like the OTC medication actually DID work.

All such medications do contain antibiotics, but not strong antibiotics usually needed in actual cases of Wet Tail (such as Baytril). I have a hamster who had the runs, smelly ones, when I first got her. "Dry Tail" medicine seemed to clear it up; something did.

If you are feeding her lettuce, do not: no nutritional value; can cause the runs.

>> I care so deeply for her and wonder where there be a time when I can breath a sigh of relief and not worry about her getting sick? <<

Only when you stop caring will you stop worrying. And you won't because you are a great owner/caregiver.
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Thankyou Zouave. She has perked up since my last post and so far the wettail hasn't come back like I was worried it would, I am still giving her the medicine though, I am so worried that if I stop she will get sick again. The day I decreased her medicine that is whey her ears became droppy and she wasn't as active, I got scared and put the remaining medicine in her bottle.

I caved in and got her a cage last night and a run about ball because she is so hyper chewing on her small cage, she is getting a soar on her nose, bless her heart. The cage is really nice a 4 story cage, and a carrier that attaches to the top of the cage and when she goes in it you can put down a flap and take the carrier cage off, I liked this because she is not that tame yet, and it has an elevated ramp and stairs, lol.

I feed her dried cat food (for protein so she can gain some more weight, she lost some when she was sick), and regular hamster food.

Your post made me feel a little bit better, I just wish in time she loves me as must as I do for her.
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Warm scrambled eggs, with a little melted cheese on top, are generally loved by Syrians. Fine source of protein.

You can't keep giving antibiotics as the bacteria will develop resistance to it. With any, you have to take enough to kill the bugs - giving too much or too little is bad. If the problem is gone, stop, but be sure the habitat is disinfected ane cleaned.

I doubt if it was Wet Tail - which is SEVERE diarrhea and dehydration resulting from it (sunken dull eyes are a sign).

Mine hop around when they see me wanting to be picked up and go exploring. Of course I can kiss any on the nose.

I don't know about your cage/habitat. Red noses is a gerbil problem - why they belong in tanks. Most of my Syrians are in big deep 30 gallon Sterilite bins.

Keep us posted.
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She had severe diarrhea for about a week or more, and then the symptoms suddenly cleared up. I prayed really hard and asked god to do what was best for her, because she was suffering, she lost some weight, her tail got big for her body, and she started getting sore marks on her body (this sounds gross but kind of like she was starting the decompsing state or something).

I have cleaned her cage a few times since this has happened, I use bleach and really rinse it good, and any area or object that has come in contact w/her has been sterilized.

But what you post has been very helpful and reasuring for me. I will stop her medicine tomorrow for I already medicated her tonight. It is good to hear that another hamster had this illness and has fully recovered, it gives me hope for Arabella.

I was thinking about making her a homemade cage, one of those plastic bin containors, and put soft mesh windows in it for ventalation, I have been researching how to make them online, so if I make one eventually she will be in it. The cage I ordered I will post in another thread, and when she chews on her bars I will have her run in her ball a little bit, I think she is just really bored in the cage she is in now.

My gerbils have a 30 gallon tank, they love it.
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How many gerbils in there? It would be roomy enough for six I suppose.

Unless your ham looked wobbly, weak, lethargic, and had those sunken dull eyes (from dehydration from the diarrhea), I doubt if it was Wet Tail itself.

Dehydrated hams/gerbs etc need eye dropper syringe helpt to stay hydrated (a procedure that must be done very gently to avod drowning). A vet can give one a subcutaneous (under skin) shot to help hydrate.

A 30 gallon bin is generally so deep no Syrian can climb out unless you put in a load of stuff to climb on.

take care!
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cat food, hamster food, wet tail

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