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List of Foods NOT by menu foods

I found this list, in case anyone is interested. I can't verify the authenticity, or vouch for any of the foods listed. I did buy some blue buffalo the other day because there was a rep in the store and she said all their ingredients are holistic, human-grade, and come from the United States (not that that necessarily means good), and the label had none of the recently recalled stuff. I have some Evanger's sitting here too, but haven't tried it yet. It's considered super-premium, and holistic, so we'll see if the girls like it.

Feel free to add additional information if you have it. The poster of this list says Natural Balance is not made by Menu Foods, but some foods by Natural Balance ARE being recalled due to contaminated rice protein concentrate, so pet parent beware.

It is copied from: Toxic pet food recall: Menu Foods KNEW | BlogHer

Post begins here:

"Re: Recalled food updated

Updated list of which foods are/aren't made by Menu Foods. THESE FOODS ARE
NOT PART OF THE RECALL. This info is only to inform people about where foods
are made, in case they don't want to feed any foods made at Menu Foods. This
information was gathered from various sources, including manufacturers
themselves, and is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Blue Buffalo: Not made by Menu Foods. Canned foods made by American
Nutrition in Utah. Dry foods made at CJ Foods in Kansas.

Breeder's Choice: Wet products made by Menu Foods, but not involved in the

Canidae: No products made by Menu Foods.

Canine Caviar: Not made by Menu Foods. Canned food made by American
Nutrition in Utah.

Castor & Pollux: Organix and Natural Ultramix made by Menu Foods but not
involved in the recall.

Drs. Foster & Smith: Canned foods made by Menu Foods but not involved in the

Eagle Pack: Some products made by Menu Foods but not involved in the recall.

Evangers: No foods made by Menu Foods.

Merrick: No products made by Menu Foods. All Merrick foods, dry, canned and
treats are made by their own facility.

Natura (Healthwise, California Naturals, Innova): Has their own plant for
dry foods. Canned food is made at the South Dakota Menu Foods plant, which
is not one of the plants involved in the recall. They also say they provide
all the ingredients themselves.

Natural Balance: Not made by Menu Foods. Dry food is made at their own plant
then shipped to the Diamond plant where it is bagged. They have thier own
people on site all of the time. Canned food is made at their own plant, then
shipped to American Nutrition in Utah where it is canned. Natural Balance
has their own line at American Nutrion and no other canned foods are run
through NB's equipment.

Nature's Variety: Canned food made by Menu Foods but not involved in the

Newman's Own Organics: Didn't specify which, but said "We contract with an
organic- certified manufacturer to make our foods, although we develop the
formulations and source the ingredients". says it's made
by Menu Foods but not included in the recall.

Precise: Refuses to say whether or not their foods are made by Menu Foods,
but they are not involved in the recall.

Solid Gold: No products made by Menu Foods. Dry food made by Diamond.

Timberwolf Organics: When contacted, they refused to say whether or not
their food is made by Menu Foods. Said they can't give out that information.

Wellness/Old Mother Hubbard: Some products made by Menu Foods but not
involved in the recall.

Wysong: Made by Menu Foods but not involved in the recall.

Also, Trader Joe's is not involved in the recall, but is voluntarily
removing all canned foods made by Menu Foods, only as a precaution.
Sorry this was so long, but I hope it helps to shed some light on the murky pet food industry. It's just outrageous to me that those of us who pay top dollar for what we think is "organic" or "holistic" premium canned, are feeding our pets basically the same thing that the 4-D pet food brands offer. :/

There are many great sites offering info on how to prepare a balanced homecooked diet for our dogs. I follow diets for my pup, listed on B-Naturals (look under the "Newsletter Directory" for recipes.

I'm not sure of any cat sites specifically on diets, but I'm sure someone at The Original Holisticat - Holistic Cat Care and Nutrition can help shed some guidance.

Again, I'm sorry this was so long. "

End Post
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good info
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I am a bit disappointed that Newman's Own may be made by menu. I switched my doggies and kitties when this recall started. I did some research to find a food that I didn't have to be worried about. When I read their site it sounded like they made everything themselves but now it seems like most companies use another company to make the food.
Something I would have never thought about that the post above pointed out - the same machines could be used and therefore taint the other brands as well. That is just scary.
I hope the FDA wakes up and does something. All this has really uncovered how unsafe all of our food is. I thought that the spinach scare last fall would have made a difference but I guess it was not bad enough.
The only thing we can hope for at this point is that everyone, people and animals, will be safer in the future. It is pathetic that the FDA waited until all those poor "babies" got sick or died before they decide to try and make food safer.

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