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bad habits

Any suggestions on how we can get our guinea to stop pulling on the cage so that it rattles. I don't have a problem with it but he does it so hard to get our attention and he's already broken one tooth. I want to try and stop this behavior before he breaks another one. I've tried not reacting, he's learning that I want him to whistle but if we don't respond to his whistling then he resorts to the cage rattle routine. If it were just a light tug it wouldn't matter but he bites it so hard that his door (his cage has a little front door that we leave open during the daytime) bounces up and down and as I said he's already broken one tooth.
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demanding pigumz

ah my...broken a tooth you say!? One of my guinea pigs used to gnaw on the cage bars..never really stopped either, thus until we moved : ) I wuz happy.
Since your piggy does it so extremely vigorous, however, I would suggest to get a can look at yo pig through the glass n' go: "nah nah nee boo boo, whashoo gonna bite on now?" Leave the top off though, the pig needs to breathe. Yeah, the buying a new home for ur pig might be annoying cause of expenses, but goin' to the vet when ur piggy loses another tooth might also be costly. Lol, I know he's not a reptile, but tarariums should work for a pig. A hampster sits in a plastic cage *shrug*.
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Do not put ANY guinea pig in an aquarium or "terrarium". There is a) not enough room for one guinea b) not enough ventilation, even with the cover off.

The problem you might be facing is that your pig is lonely and wants attention. Guinea pigs are extremely social creatures and they crave attention. He is most likely trying to get you to feed him, hold him, or he's bored and may need out of the cage for a while. Do you have hangy toys he can play with? Have you thought of expanding his cage size? That is sometimes a 'key" factor. Guinea's are herding animals, and 2 are always better than one, if you are not going to hold him for at least an hour a night.

This is the size of my cage that houses 24 (8 pigs on each level).
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I agree - the pig is wanting attention. No pig should ever be in glass!
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thanks for the replies

I would never think of putting him in glass. He has a large cage and his rattling the cage is during dinner when he wants (more)food. We give him treats while we're eating but he eats so fast and we don't want to give him too much and risk him getting sick. I clean his cage every day, he gets fresh food and treats every day. He runs around the living room for at least an hour every day, believe me he gets attention. He sits on our lap every evening, sometimes for hours watching tv with us. He's starting to learn that I don't like it when he bites the cage but the rest of the family however is still a pushover and cave in to his demands.
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It is definitely an attention thing. All of my boys knawed on theri cages all the time and it didn't matter how may were together. They like to chew and that seems to be a typical male behavior.
He sounds pretty smart and associates treats with cage rattling. Perhaps try to cuddle him instead of giving treats and give treats at a different time when you are not all eating. Give the treats during a seperate cuddle time. Basically shake up the routine and see if that will change his knawing desire.
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cage bars, guinea pig

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