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Post Bedding Suggestions

Hi everyone, I just have a ? being a new piggie mommy and all, I have read so many different things on what kind of bedding should be used for Guinea Pigs as well as other small animals, we currently have 2 baby piggies, 2 degus, and 5 Chinchillas, now we have had the degus for approx. 6 months, and just recently got the piggies, and chinnies. I was always under the asumption that pine bedding was fine (NOT CEDAR) but as I read more and more online, I have been finding that pine bedding isn't a good choice either. I have also heard that Care Fresh is the best to use, now with a total of 9 small animals that use bedding, Care Fresh would tend to get expensive. If pine bedding isn't good, please can anyone offer another inexpensive way yet healthy to use for bedding. Thanks a bunch
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Kiln dried pine bedding is okay, I heard it was a rumor that its bad.

aspen works well too and is great for odor control.
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I also think kiln dried bedding is fine. You can get a big bale at feed stores for usually under 4$.
But if you want to change to something else -for piggies you can use towels (not the big loop kind) and polarfleece, blankets.
I use towels with polarfleece on top of towels in the upper level part of my cage. The downside is you'll do more laundry with that idea. I shake out the poops outside and have a couple more loads of wash a week. But my pigs stay downstairs in their cage more so the upstairs dosen't get too dirty.
You can sometimes get good buys on polarfleece at fabric/craft stores- some I bought for under 3$ a yard which I thought was great.
* I'll tell ya it is so much more easier too roll up towels than dust panning up all the shavings in my cage. I thought about switching to all towels and fleece.
well that was long!
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I also have been using Kiln dried pine from the feed stores with no ill effects. I have been using it for a little over 2 years now. All my girls are happy with it.
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Yesterday afternoon I did clean out cage and put towels and blankets in whole entire bottom of cage. By the evening it smelled like poopies in the room. I guess the pine really soaks up the odor. But I'm going to keep trying this anyway. I'll just have to develope a system. Thought I'd share
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Post Thanks

Thx for the replies, I am glad to see their are others that use the pine bedding, Kiln dried of course, and thx for the idea of getting it from a feed store, that is where we get our gp and chinnie food from as well as our hay, and didn't even think about the pine bedding, and it was so much cheaper for such a larger amount.... WOW thanks again for that idea!! I also like the idea of the towels, but that would tend to be too much laundry for me, hahaha, and seeing we have the cheaper pine from the feed store, think we stick with that, but thx again for that suggestion as well I really appreciate the replies.... As I am a new piggie and chinnie mommy, so this is still all kinda new to me, Thanks a Bunch
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Glad we could be of help.

I'm in the process of doing laundry now,lol. Don't know how long I can keep up the towel idea,maybe if I just had 2 pigs instead of 6 it would be a lot easier!
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