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can someone help me ive been depresed :(

so ever since my guinea pigs went ive been so depressed. I havent been doing so great in school, ive been grouchy, and more. And when the went about a week later to get them out of my mind i sat down with my mom, 1 on 1 and said " Can you Promise me that i can get a rat" and she said "yes i promise." then just the other day i asked her when i could get a rat and she said "no im not getting any more pets, we have enough" (we only have a cat and a dog both of which are hers not mine) so yesterday (easter) she wakes me up and she says, "evan i got you a rat" and i was really happy! i went running down stairs to find SHE GOT ME A LITTLE TOY PLASTIC RAT like this was some joke. almost like taunting or teasing me. she said "Hey! i said i was gonna get you a rat so i got you one" this is when i got mad. i didnt talk to her and i havent since. all i got for easter was 5 dollars and a plastic rat. she just can be so mean at times. im just so sad, i cry when i go to bed thinking of all the bad things and my guinea pigs. and my mom just makes it worse. even when she PROMISED ME that she would get me rats for my birthday.

Can anyone help me with this (i know this is more of a personal problem and it shouldnt go in here but this is mainly because of my guinea pigs)

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That sounds horribble, A PLASTIC RAT? I can understand how you are feeling, I am going through the same thing, my dad said we would get a ham or a bun or a gerbil this week then it was next week then it was in a month and it makes me so annoyed. What helps me is planning, I am saving all my money, half goes to hermies which will probably take a year to get and half, and half goes to other pet, I am currently buying other accsecories every week and I told my dad that if it gets me there any quicker, I will pay for everything. I think if you buy everything and add everything over time she will be forced to get you some rats. Dont give in or give up you will get there in the end
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my ma did this to me before, i wanted a mouse when i was a kid, she got me a fluffy toy mouse from the cat section of the pet shop.....not funny at all....
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Take into consideration your houses budget. I'm not sure if it's changed, but its possible that she doesn't have the money for it at the moment. Also, do you have the cage for a rat? The rat itself might not cost much at all, but the new foods it needs and so forth might.

Its also important to know your parents outlook on animals, if a rat is something that scares them or freaks them out, it would not be the best animal to have in the house. In that case, I would try for another animal. Im not sure if youd even want another guinea pig, but I doubt shed have a reason to say no to it if you still have the supplies.

I would save bits of lunch money and check out rat rescues. Or guinea pigs ones if you want. Point being, youd be saving an animals and it would be cheaper too. Try to convince your Mom that this is what you want. I know when I wanted something terribly from my parents Id save money for it. Thats the easiest way to get it.

Also, make it a point to her about how loosing your pet makes you feel. (emphasis on YOUR) I mean, DRILL IT IN. Sometimes parents just don't get how it feels because of a lack of communication. If she could truly see how hurt you are, im sure she wouldn't mind. In my opinion, I think the plastic rat was just rude. I would try to explain that to her calmly. Try using "I feel like..." more than "you did..." type of reasoning. Also, don't harsh on the "You promised" even if she did. It won't help her understand. It'll end up making you sound like a brat. However unfair it is.

Goodluck to you! Also if you need some rat rescues and so forth, contact me with your area, Ill do my best to find a reputable one.
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But most importantly, dont forget if your mom is fully against the issue I would drop the topic, you dont want to aggravate her more it will do no good. What happened to your guinea pigs..I must not have found that thread?

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Yeah! That too! >_>
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Im so sorry for your loss. take your time to grieve dont rush into a pet so soon. Take care
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