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Color questions...

Does anyone here know what color types guinnea pigs can come in? Are there special names??? I know that chinnies have a whole bunch of color genetics, so I was wondering about guinnea pigs.

Oh, also, does anyone know which is more common, short-haired or long-haired piggies?? And is one much harder to get from breeding then the other?
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Well I am still new to all this piggie stuff, but from what I understand and have seen from the little piggies I have had here, there are a lot of color combos and they are just random, I bred Two whites and come out with 3 little piggies all different colors and no whites LOL

I have yet to have any long haired piggies even though I have bred my 2 long haired females with a long haired male, so I am not sure, well this is just my experience, not sure how much help it is to you.
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I'm not very up to speed on the color/coat genetics so I'm not a very good person to start in on that one!


there is also a lot of information on genetics in the genetics forum at cavies galore
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they both breed as easy. I think teddies are the hardest to come by.

the hard to get color is a dark grey. or even a light grey but its possible.

brown, black, white,. and shade they can come far as I know.
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here are some other breeding links that should be read. Guinea pigs are not "easy to breed" like other 'rodents' can be. There are high mortality rates in mothers and babies.

Normal Labor


questions to ask yourself
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more links to read up on genetics:

Eva's Cavy genetics page

genetics 101

I don't know how correct they are but the second one seems decent, but not thorough
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a book you may be interested in:

Colour genetics of the cavy : an introduction

there's also a booklet you can buy from the ACBA or ARBA (not sure which) by Harry Claus.

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