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Controlling urine/ammonia smell

Hi Everyone,

Is there any drops that you can put in the water to help control the urine/ammonia smell in piggies? I've also heard about a product, but can't remember what it is, that you can put underneath the bedding to help control odor?

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I've never had a problem with my pigs smelling like urine...

I clean the cage out fully once a week and I clean their pee area at least 3 times a week, sometimes more. I have 7 pigs, and their room smells like hay, and that's it!
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John, as long as their cage is clean then there really shouldn't be a problem. Unless, of course, you have some long haired piggies that like to pee all over themselves, like I do!

That ammonia smell that sticks in the cage from their urine can be easily cleaned with a mixture of, I believe, 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water.

If you do have some long haired pigs then the best thing to do is keep their hair cut short or to wrap them.

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Fresh and Clean

Hi there, I use towels for my piggers, I wash the towels in hot
water, clorox and liquid detergent and then re-rinse towels in
all hot water.

I clean their area everyday and/or every other day I fold towels
and use thick towels in their beds. there are times I can turn
the towels from the fold they were in to turn the towels inside
out like to make a new fold, some piggers pee pee more than others
so if towel is too wet to turn the other way, then will replace with
clean towel.

Anyways, I never have any urine and/or ammonia smell.
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I have never noticed a smell of that type from my piggies. At times my living room has smelled like the wood from the litter or the hay but never a piggy waste product.

Christie earned a bath once for smelling like she had been laying in a puddle of urine. But once the piggie was bathed she has not smelled like that since then. (Yes, my silly girls will at times sleep in their litter box.)
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litter box

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