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Question gp food n' other various ?'s

What do you all prefer to feed your piggiez as far as dry food goes? Just pellets..or that mix stuff with the colorful junk? cuz i'm not sure which is healthier. Also what brand of food?

Next... To bathe or not to bathe? Do you like to do the whole shampoo thing with your guinea pig? is it good for them, or should I leave it, and stick to brushing?

thx >_<
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I wouldn't feed a guinea pig anything with the colorful bits in it. That is junk food for pigs and all they will eat is the bits and not the good stuff with the vit. C in it that they really need. I personally feed my herd Mazuri guinea pig food. I find that at the feed store. You can also feed Oxbow, that is another good food but expensive. I prefer the mazuri.

Bathing here happens once a year if that. I do give butt washes, but I don't do a full bath but once a year. If you do bathe your pig more than once a year watch for drying skin, and lots of scratching because of the dry skin.

Lots of brushing with the longer haired varieties, but the smooth americans don't need the brush, however I have a few that just plain like it.
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k, thank you! Have ne of you noticed how abyssinian breeds are more hyper than any other I guess smooth haired breeds..I for some odd reason have noticed that. I think it fits their hair style ne how : p flippy doo!
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I bath mine when they need it. My female needs it less than my male as she is very clean. My male has an overactive gland and i need to wash him so his fur round that area doesn't get badly matted.

I check regularly for mites and then if any, definately bathed more so.

Mine have been bathed since i have got them, so they are not bothered by it. I always make sure they are as dry as possible before putting them back in their bed. I also sit and brush them and they just love that.

I guess it depends on your guineapig and his/her needs. Personally I wouldn't bath them all the time. You know your guineapigs and just have to be sensible.

take care
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I figured I'd post in here, even though I do not own guinea pigs.

Personally, I'd stick with just a pelleted diet. I know Oxbow makes two different feeds for guinea pigs. Oxbow is also a higher quality feed, compared to some of the food out there.

You can wash a guinea pig, but as someone else said, when they need it. Earlier this year we had someone come in with a guinea pig with mites, so check for that as well.
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