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help for my sis with her guinea pigs

hit there all,
can anyone help me out? My sis has a female grown guinea pig, she keeps in a huge fish tank inside her unit, she takes it out all the time and pays good attention to its needs. She bought another smaller guinea pig just recently, but she doesnt know what sex it is, can anyone tell how to sex them? The older guinea pig keeps bitting the smaller one, and is very mean to it, can anyone give her any help as to why this is happening, I thought maybe its showing the pecking order of the tank, but i'm not a guinea pig expert, so i shall hand it over to you guys to help me out here.
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usually, same sex will fight with one another, or so I was told. So it mi ght be best to get an other cage. or else it could be fighting for rank.
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First thing first, please tell her to get them out of the fish tank. There is not proper ventilation in there for one no matter how big it is much less for two. Poor things. You can either go out and spend huge amounts of money on the biggest store bought cage there is or go to cages and make one yourself. Trust me I made my own without help from my husband for that matter and it was simple.

Onto pecking orders. How old was the guinea your sister already has? If that one is the older one, yes, most likely it is a display of dominance. Putting the smaller in its place.

Sexing can be done at source also, try putting some pressure right above the "privates" and push in. If something pops out, definately a boy, if nothing pops out it's a girl.

There is always the possibility of them never making out their differences, and in that case she would have to house them seperately.

Anything else I can help out with let me know.
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So how is that working out? I have been lurking on here and haven't seen any news.

Here's a link to really neat cage ideas. It is also very inexpensive
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tnx guys havent beeen on here for a while cos i have been busy with work and stuff, but i cant get a hold of my sis yet, she doesnt seem to be on here tonite, she lives up near the top end of australia and we live down the opposite end, so i dont get to see her at all, but I will give her a ring soonish and let you guys know how she is getting on, and I will tell her all about what you guys have told me, tnx you guys are beaut!!!! for all the info
gratefully yours
shaz of shazmark
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i dont know what the go is with my last post, I didnt put that link in does anyone know whats going on with that
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I don't see a link.
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I don't see a link either.
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its where i have typed the word 'ring' it is highlighted and it says that i can get % off phone calls or somethin dont worry
too much anyway tnx for your replies
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