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Question i am thinking of a guinea pig

my parents are considering getting me a guinea pig for christmas, i used to have a hamster so i have some experience but i don't know a lot about guinea pigs. I know they need fruit & veg for vitamin C & hay but apart from that i know nothing. What size cage do they need? How much attention? and what illnesses can they get and lifespan? I have no other pets except for fish so i can give them a lot of attention and no other animals will try to harm them
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Thye make great pets! If you do get one the cage can be the size the pet store tells you will comfortably hold two. Those are too small for two.

Here is an example the bigger cage is the better one.

If you get a pair or a trio then cages can be assembled using grids and coroplast.
Here is a great link to find the how to's of this type of cage. I personally have 3 females in a C&C cage. They are just fun little pets I hope you do get one!
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Guinea pigs are extremely social animals, if you can not give the guinea tons of attention every day, I suggest 2 so they can keep company and happy. I started out with 1 and now have 25 of my own plus the adoptables.

You also have to realize the space they need for housing. They need room to run and kick kup their heels (yes they actually do that provided they have enough room). Their cage has to be a solid bottom, no wire bottom cages. Wire bottom can break toes and legs and cause a horrid condition called bumblefoot.

They need/should be weighed weekly to watch for weight loss. If there is more than 4 ounces of weight loss in a week get them to the vet now because they are at death's door. Illnesses vary with the pig, some common things are; abcesses, cysts, URI, UTI, malocclision <sp>, and various other things. They are not an easy pet to care for and once any of these things pop up you need to get them to a knowledgalbe vet to get them taken care of.

A guinea pig can live 8-10 years provided they are given proper care.
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thanks for your help!
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