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Unhappy i need some advice on my guinea pig

I had two guinea pigs untill one passed away the other day!he was really poorly!he had discharge coming from his eyes and he couldn't keep them open, he barely moved either!he looked really miserable!I took him to the vets and he said he was healthy other than what he had so i was given antibiotics to give to him. After giving him his third dosage he had a really bad seizure and died in my arms!I was wondering will my other guinea pig be alright with just mine and my partner's company as i don't want to go through with the grieve that i had with my other guinea pig!I can't help but blame myself for my guinea pig's death and i need some reassurance it wasn't my thought!Can anyone help me?
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I don't own a guinea pig, but I've been in your situation.

You did what was best for your guinea pig. Pets have a certain way of hiding their illness until it's too late. I learned that the hard way.

Don't blame yourself. Spend as much time as you can with your other pig. That way your other furry baby doesn't have time to get lonely. You did what you could for him.
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I'm sorry to hear about your guinea pig. Like Crazy ChinLady said, they do hide their illnesses until it's too late.

Keep a close watch on your other one for any of the same symptoms, especially if they were housed together. Weighing your other pig will be helpful. If she/he has lost between 2 and 3 ounces take him to the vet.

It sounds like a URI and can be contagious.
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thank you

thank you 4 your advice and reassurance!I'm keeping a very close eye on my other guinea and he seems well!i hope he stays well 2!Thank u ever so much 4 replying!take care!Georgia
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Pigs are tough little ones. They do hide a lot. Just keep a close eye on the one you have. You may even want to use the antibiotics you have for him. Just in case. It will not hurt him.

Is he getting his vitamin c? Mine get Cavy Cuisine, a mixed salad daily and tons of hay. I have 6.

Good Luck!
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I would ask the vet!
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Guinea Pig sickness

Your guinea pig more than likely had an upper respiratory infection, and at the stage of discharge around the eyes, they usually will not respond to medication. Sterilize the cage if you are going to keep your other pig in it with a 10% bleach solution, rinse well, air dry, and rinse again. Discard all bedding, food, shelters and toys (if wooden or chewed on). Keep your other pig warm at all times. Weigh him everyday to make sure he is keeping his body weight. If not take him to a vet that specializes in exotics- a dog and cat vet will not know what they are doing. If your other pig is sneezing, coughing, has a runny nose, or feels like he isn't as warm as he should be, take him to the vet immediately. These are some of the early stages of a URI. Give your other pig vitamin drops everyday, and provide fresh greens and carrots. Do not leave fresh food in the cage for more than 4 hours. Switch your bedding to an all natural paper bedding- pine,aspen, cedar, etc can lead to the development of URIs. The bedding is called CareFresh, and it can be found at most pet stores and at PetsMart.
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don't blame yourself because of his death!! i'm sure you did your best to save him :hpydance:
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