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Just wondering...

I have 2 female guinea pigs that have been together since birth. All of a sudden today, Maggie started attacking Molly for no reason. I've seperated them, but I was just wondering if there might be something wrong with Maggie that she would start going this?
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Ok, by attacking do you mean drawing blood? Could she have just been in heat and showing her dominance? Was there a change in housing, bedding?

If the above scenarios do not work, she may have to be spayed, it may be ovarian cysts that are causing her aggression. I would bring her to the vet to make sure that is ruled out.

That is about all I have to offer, unless I think of something else a bit later.
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I'm sorry to hear that ...I don't know if it is relevant but I had two female hamsters that were the same way ... they were sisters, in fact. When they reached adulthood they got territorial and started biting at each other's tails ... I ended up seperating them ... I hope you don't have to keep them seperated but good luck ...
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Guinea pigs are herd animals and enjoy the company of others. I have 23 and have peace, there is only one pig of mine that is not in with the herd and that is because she is a barber and I enjoy my pigs furred instead of bald.

Another question is, how old are your girls and how long have they been living together? Let me know and I will try to offer advice.
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They are probably about 6 months old, and have been together the whole time. They are back together now and they are decent to eachother for most of the time, but one in a while, the long hair chases the short hair. Im pretty the long hair bit the short hair, but i didnt see any teeth marks or anything. Could she just be trying to groom the other and the short hair doesnt want it?
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She could be in heat and is just asserting herself, also she may not be biting for blood but ripping the other's hair out when she is chasing her. I have an assertive sow that will chase half the herd down when in heat, and grab some hair and pull it out. Is yours making a rumbling noise when she is chasing the other? If so, she is in heat.

Just watch to make sure she is not injuring the other. I have to watch mine in the same way.

That is my guess... Good luck
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I have one too that gets a little agitated with the rest of them. She's a sweet girl but watch out!

I hope yours have sorted it out now
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I had a similar problem with mine. I'd moved them to a different one of my hutches and they were having real bad fights with each other.

The reason? ......

This hutch had a smaller bedding area and they didnt have enough of their own space.

As soon as i moved them to one with a bigger bedding area they were fine.

I don't know if that's any help?
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