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Unhappy Missing my last pig; guilty feeling...

It's been about three years since I've last had a guinea pig, and I just adopted two new ones last week and they've been wonderful. But something has been haunting me about the death of my last one and here's why, about three years ago my father and I lived with his ex-wife and her two children.We were in a really bad situation and his ex-wife was a terrible person (too much to even go in to) so one day we suddenly had to leave due to how bad things were. I basically left everything in my room, plus Peanut ( my old pig ) for time being untill I was able to come back and get my things. I tried to make sure Peanut would be fed and watered. Anyways, right before I was going back to get him a little later on... I was told he passed away and was buried in the back yard. The ex-wife told us she had fed him and everything, but it's hard to believe since she was such a compulsive liar and later left a poor chow to die in a home she moved out. ( He was rescued thankfully ) Even three years later, I suddenly feel this guilt and sadness again I can't seem to get over since getting new pigs reminded me of him. He was quite a happy pig, and was pretty large and everything. The thought of him being alone and possibly starving to death hurts more than anything and it made me cry last Saturday. I feel so bad for leaving him, but I had no choice. I probably won't ever know what happened to my Peanut, and now lately I can't seem to get over this terrible feeling....
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Forgot to add:

Should I be feeling this guilty over something I could not control? I just have an intense love for animals and never want them to suffer or feel alone.

Please give me your opinions....
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Your dads ex sounds like an awful person and you shouldnt be feeling guilty, you had a reason that you had to leave peanut behind so it wasnt your fault, im hoping no-one tells you that if you cant take care of a pet dont get one because this was sudden and out of your hands, please dont feel guilty because it wasnt your fault. Cheer up
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Thanks. It's not the fact that he passed away, I can accept that when a being passes away. But not knowing if it had suffered or died from natural causes before hand is what hurts. Of course I was 14 at the time and didn't know as much about Guinea Pigs as I do now, but Peanut was pretty healthy and happy. I never really fed him different things except his cavy food and treats at times. But then again, I bought him a buddy which was a baby and they seemed to do fine for a little while but I came home to find the younger one dead so maybe it could of been a sickness and Peanut had gotten it and died later on due to that? Who knows.
I'm trying to cheer up about Peanut. I just love animals so much. ...
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Sorry about this weird topic. D: Didn't know anywhere else to say it.
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coping, guilt, passing away, pig

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