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New Piggie!


I just got a guinea pig on Sun. and have a few questions that I'm hoping some of you veteran piggie owners can help me with. I've never had a guinea pig before, so I'm not sure what's "normal" and what isn't.

First of do you litter train? Miss Piggy is about 1.5 years old and wasn't trained in her last house (I got her at the shelter). I've got a litter box in the corner of her cage and I've been putting her droppings in it, but she only uses it occasionally. She poops quite close to it, but only in it sometimes, and she prefers to pee outside the corner of it. Any suggestions? She is really good about not going to the bathroom when she's outside of her cage.

Also, she rarely drinks any water! I have to put some on my finger and let her lick it off or put the water bottle right up to her mouth. Is this normal? I've only seen her drink from the water bottle on her own once in the past three days. It's really worrying me.

I'm also trying to harness train her and would love advice. She HATES the harness, and I don't want to risk her trust in me. She freaks out when I come near her with it, so I figure it's not worth it, but I would love to get it to work since she needs some exercise.

Last you suggest a routine vet visit? She just had her nails trimmed and seems to have ok teeth, but she hasn't been to the vet in a while.

Thanks so much!

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I don't think I have any good advice about potty training piggies, since i'm not very good at it myself. O_< About the drinking though..have you given her fruits in the past days? Sometimes the pigs just won't be thirsty because they've eaten fruits that provide liquid. uhm, also good luck with the harness! lol
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You might want to try giving her a bowl of water and see what happens. She may just prefer to drink out of a bowl. Do you know if she previously had a bottle? Both my rabbits and my hamster prefer to drink out of a bowl I've read that some gpigs can be litter box trained, but most of them never really learn to only use the litterbox. I hope she starts drinking soon. If not, I'd take her in to the see vet just to make sure she's ok. Keep us updated!
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She's Drinking!

Thanks for all the advice! Miss Piggy finally started drinking water out of the water bottle. I guess she just needed a couple of days to get adjusted. She's starting to use the litterbox more frequently, too. I'm hoping maybe in a few more days she'll figure out that that's where she should go all the time. She's definitely getting better at it. She ran around tonight a lot more than she had been, so I guess she's getting settled in. Now if I can just get this darn harness thing working...LOL! :blob7:
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Litter training is easier said than done at times. If you notice her peeing in a certain spot try moving it there, or better yet (gross I know) pick up the bedding she's peed on and put it in the pan. She just might catch on. My pigs don't have a litter box so to say, but they do have their favorite corners to use.

She is still new to the house and probably nervous. If you are feeding her veggies (romaine lettuces, no iceberg, and other veggies high in vit.C) and fruits (also looking for high vit.C content) not too acidic though, she should be getting fluids that way. Also she is most likely drinking during the night, when it is dark and quiet.

Some pigs will never take to the harness. You can not walk them ever, you have to follow them and make sure they don't get into trouble. If it is exercise you are looking to give her, make a pen using cubes and put her in that outside on an untreated lawn so she can graze. That is exercise enough, or also let her run the floor of the home making sure it is piggy proofed. You may never get her to wear the harness.

It won't hurt to find an exotics vet in your area that has piggy experience to take her to. That way they have a baseline to go from should anything go amiss. But finding a cavy knowledgeable vet now is the best thing you could do for your guinea.

Hope that helps.
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