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New pigs. How do YOU tame them?

As yo7u may or may not of heard, I adopted two pigs about 48 hours ago. They're still REALLY skittish, yet if I could get close to them, they'll let me pet them for long enough. Still, eveytime I walk by, thgey freak out and run into their house. Does anyone have any idea how to calm them down and even tame them?
Thank you SOOOO much!
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Honestly, what I want to do, is just pick them up and play with them out of their cage, and get them used to me since they don't seem to be any other way... I'm guessing that would freak them out, right?
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You dont..they tame you and train YOU! hehe they will!

seriously though, just give them time. It takes a while.
Its normal for them to run away and hide at the sight of anything. Piggies always think there is danger...its cuz they are prey animals.
Dont take it personally. They love you, its just instinct.
Keep petting them and feeding them by hand each chance you get. Hold them in your lap and pet them, feed them ...kiss them...
Piggies are so silly...i love them!
Some are hard to catch to take out of the cage but are quite happy when they come out. Just let them get close to you and scoop them up. You can coax them into one of their hidy huts also while it is upside down and then lift them out of the cage with them in it.

Look thru the guinea pig forum too for lotz of info. Use the search bar to type in key words.

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Awww!!! You are so right!! I'm able to pick one of them up and he just lyes on me while I brush him xD Thank you!! The other one is still too afraid to be picked up, but time is all I need
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Sunny has always been a little skittish, but thats just how some are. Depends on the personality. All I can say is... food food FOOD! Piggies love food, and they love who ever gives them food! Sunny steals my cookies when Im not looking! (dont worry, no chocolate)

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Most guinea pigs are going to be skittish. Though mine are fine with being held, they still dart for houses when they see my hand coming in for them. It's just their instinct.
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Honestly my pig didn't have a choice but to suck it up and get brave. When he was a baby he always knocked down his little card board houses and sat on them. I got tired of reconstructing houses so I eventually just let him go without one. Now he's the friendliest pig in the world, (I finally got him a plastic house that won't fall down) He comes out to say hi to the cat and for a quick scratch every time I come in the room. So he was just kind of forced into being social. Now I'm not saying don't give them hiding spots, thats just what happened with my piggle. I'd say just give them time, every animal needs time to adjust to new living situations, especially if their adults. My advise is always keep a carrot handy!
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There may be two reasons why they do that one may be thier scared two it may be they like you chase after them just something they do mine did that long time after had them with us just habit and as to taming them give them loving care pick up pet them play with them they love that.
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