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Angry PIG ABUSE!! What should I do??

Sorry for the capitals and the ! x2 and the ? x2, but this is urgent.

A girl my mom works with (who is about 15, she is a dishwasher at my mom's resturant) supposedbly has guinea pigs. I have never seen them or seen pictures, but she says she has them (but she's notorious for lying). She says she has them in a RUBBERMAID TUB (4 adult guinea pigs!!), says they're infertile, when she has said before they are breeding out of control. She is feeding them Harts (Sp?) and they are on PINE SHAVINGS, and probably have no timothy. There is no shelter around here so that is out of the question. The cops have reported her dad for not feeding cows so she does not have the best role models here. I can't take the pigs in myself, I barely have enough space for the animals I do have. I want to report the cops on her but I am afraid of what will happen to the pigs.

One recently died and she simply said "Why couldn't it have been the other one" !!! I really want to say something to her but she will NOT LISTEN TO THE FACTS. She lied that she took them to the vet's because the vets is not open on Sun and that is the only time she could go.
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I'm sorry for the piggies, but probably the only thing you can do is call the humane society or find a shelter and ask her to sign them over. If you've talked to her before obviously she doesn't want to listen.
I'm sorry you are in this situation but your only choice would be to call the humane society.
I found this page that might be able to help you. Are you in South Dakota? That's what I searched for.


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Your best bet is to find a way to get her to give them to so you that you can get them to a shelter or a rescue. Sadly, most humane societies will not take the pigs away from her as long as the cage is cleaned with any sort of regularity, and they have some sort of food and water.
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Im sorry for those pigs.

There isn't a whole lot you can do though. Call a shelter or animal control. Hopefully they can do something. Just keep giving her info about proper care for guinea pigs. Print out the care sheet from GL, show her a cage from CC. Do whatever you can to educate her about guinea pigs.
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Poor pigs I hate hearing about how uneducated or caring people are with their pets. I have no advice of my own since it looks like the others have already covered it (contacting a shelter to see what their advice is) Good luck
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thats not fair! i feel bad for animals like that. they cannot pick their owner.. its all chance. and sometimes they end up with a holes like that! i hope they get out of there alright!! let us know.
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