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Possible Colds?

Ok, I have three pigs and they have an appointment to see the vet but I want to be semi-prepared before I get there. This vet is wonderful with rats but I'm not sure how she is with pigs. And I could ask her but you know all vets will say they are capable.

Anyway, they do not have any discharge from the eyes or nose. At this time they do not look like they are having any problems breathing BUT their wheeks sound like a squeeker that a dog has punch a hole in. You know the sound like air going through a tube with a timid sqeak at the very end. Imagine us after we lose our voice and we can yell but it's lots of forced silent air with a weird noise at the end. Not their usual loud, clear "WHEEK!" Their breathing also does not sound odd.

I normally wouldn't worry about this with so few symptoms but this happened just a little bit ago to me and the vet I was seeing at the time (CRAPPY VET) never did figure it out and that pig passed away.

I would like to have some ideas when I go to the vet to offer her if she is stumped.
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That doesn't sound like a typical URI (upper respiratory infection) to me, but it may be very early stage. We did have one pig that was caught very early that sounded "a little raspy" and our vet commented that he wasn't sure how the foster mom even noticed because he could just barely hear the beginning of the lung noise in him!

If I were taking my guinea pigs to the vet, I would expect them to spend a lot of time listening to the lungs, both the upper and lower parts (because they sound different depending on the types of infections). If he suspects an infection, he will probably prescribe you an antibiotic. Don't let them give you pills. You can pill a guinea pig, but it's exceedingly difficult, and there are plenty of liquid alternatives that are much easier to deal with. Also make sure that the antibiotic is safe!

Here are a list of dangerous antibiotics of guinea pigs:

Many of these are fine for rats to take because their digestive systems are different, so make sure to double check. It's common for vets not to know if they don't deal a lot with rabbits and guinea pigs, they're fairly unique in this.

When our pigs have URIs (especially if they're not serious) we tend to start with Bactrim, which is the brand name of trimethoprim sulfa. It's a very gentle drug, and typically doesn't cause the type of digestive upset that some of the stronger drugs will. If that doesn't work, we then typically try Baytril (Enrofloxacin), as it is stronger. However, it does cause some guinea pigs to have anorexia and stop eating. If this happens STOP THE ANTIBIOTIC. Be sure to have Critical Care (a feeding supplement) on hand OR be prepared to grind pellets into mush and syringe feed. Get a few oral syringes from the vet's office while you're there, or you can get them from most pharmacies for free if you ask nicely.

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Your in tx so am I, I reccommend Parker animal and bird clinic in plano tx 2129 w. parker road suite A. They take care of small animals hamsters rats guinea pigs everying thing pretty much. I go there for my small animals and they are great my guinea pig had a bladder infection about a year ago they gave her meds and it worked and she is still alive now. email me if you decide to go there I want to know if you did and how it worked out. heres my email chrissey [email protected] ymail.com but put the email all together.
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